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Volume 2: Prophecy of the Dead

After learning they were bearers of The Mark of Merlin in Volume 1 of Duology, the newly sorted were quickly thrust into a world much deeper than they could have imagined.


Teams interacted with a variety of characters throughout the event, but we need to give special thanks to the core characters of our story who worked tirelessly throughout the event to deliver a story and build a world of magic and mystery.

Robert QuillfireAlice ContosoGeminiEdwin Contoso
Andre SayreKendra HavensMorgan GrobinMatt Vanderkolk
Robert HeadshotAlice HeadshotGemini HeadshotEdwin Headshot

The Volume 2 Story

In addition to actor-interactions, an extended story developed with additional written and video content written by Emma Roudabush delivered by Spiderdog.