Chapter 4.2: Gemini in Retrograde

You knew it would be hard to convince Gemini, even with support from some Marcana families. However, you didn't expect quite the icy hostility, even between the Illuden and Marcana that are on your side. Once you arrived, Gemini skulked off with an entourage of followers into a room deep within the building. Afterwards, you were witness to several glares and stares between those around you. Luckily, there hasn't been any outright fighting…yet.

Your entrance into the Celebration was an awkwardly quiet one and immediately made the celebration atmosphere turn into one more like a funeral—which you find mildly ironic since the problem revolves dead people. With Gemini gone, the Marcana and Illuden involved decided to huddle in different corners of the space, reminding you of the many dances where boys and girls wallowed on separate sides of the dance floor. You don't think music or quirky decorations would lighten the mood.

Shortly after the commotion—or non-commotion—you heard from Alice that Edwin was heading to the gathering at the begrudging invitation of Gemini. Suffice to say, you've gotten their attention now.

Now you just need to make them listen.

Though you may need to first calm everyone down to do that.