JB (John Barczynski), Emma


Teams arrived at Chinese Reconciliation Park to be greeted by staff who will hand each team 3 copies of the same sheet, which says the following:

Marcana have been using horoscopes for years to map out their futures.

The key to foresight is not just knowing where you're going, but also knowing where you've been.

Can you decipher their twelve predictions and find the key to success?

On the same page is an overhead view of the park:

Overhead map of Chinese Reconciliation Park

Wandering the park, the teams will find twelve boxes scattered around the mapped area. Each box has a set of notes inside with a horoscope and a list of preferred teammates.


Each of the fortune contains the name of a Chinese zodiac animal, which will classify what animal this fortune is about.

  • Keep an open mind when approaching challenges today. Your strong will may lead you in the right direction, but be careful not to find your way down a rabbit hole. If you look within yourself, you will find that you have the strength to continue through.

    • Preferred Teammates: Sheep
  • Health is of the utmost importance today, and you need to take time to maintain it. While you can be extremely focused on brainwork, it is also important to keep active and do physical work. In fact, you may be so active that you will have trouble sleeping this evening. Counting sheep and deep breathing may be useful here.
    • Preferred Teammates: Rat, Monkey, Rabbit
  • Look on the bright side today. Do not let your emotions get out of control, lest you rat out valuable teammates and partners. Use exercise as an outlet for your frustration. You will need a place for all that energy to go. Quiet sedentary pursuits won't do it for you.

    • Preferred Teammates: Sheep
  • Today's prime time to get busy. Activities that require focus or creativity will be supported. Physical strength and energy will encourage you to do something active. Be sure to make use of this sudden burst. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth.

    • Preferred Teammates: Tiger, Chicken
  • Millions of possibilities are laid out in front of you, and you will definitely be successful today. You will feel a great desire not to count your chickens before they hatch, but you will need to be vigilant to avoid mistakes. If there are things that need to be worked out, take care of them today.

    • Preferred Teammates: Dog, Horse
  • A good deed never goes without notice. Do good by your teammates and you will be successful yourself. For the success of your team is also a win for you.

    • Preferred Teammates: Chicken
  • Offer help to someone else today. It may provide you with some much needed motivation. If that does not work, take some time to meditate and rediscover the eye of the tiger. You can always use the quiet time to plan if you have to feel you've accomplished something.

    • Preferred Teammates: Horse
  • Even difficult problems can have a simple solution. Remember that some locks may be opened by an uncommon key. You may like to push yourself hard toward finding answers, but be sure to take care of yourself while uncovering secrets.

    • Preferred Teammates: Sheep
  • People will challenge you today. You may feel an urge to pig out on delicious foods and recover from past experiences. Some will prefer to see solace in quiet activities, books, and art, but remember that moderation is key to success.

    • Preferred Teammates: Ox, Dragon
  • Open your eyes to new possibilities today. You may find that today brings great physical strength and energy to you. You will feel as strong as an ox. Given this, you may really want to seek out adventure. Consider taking on challenges that you believe to be ambitious.

    • Preferred Teammates: Pig
  • Allow yourself to feel optimistic today. Even if previous days have been sluggish, today will not drag on. You may find that nothing brings you more pleasure on days like this than engaging in creative activities. Maintaining this surge of happiness will help you in the future.

    • Preferred Teammates: Snake, Pig
  • Today, consider that bravery can be expressed in many ways. While you were born in the year of the snake, you do not embody the unscrupulous characteristics of this animal. You have been praised for your forthrightness and ability to withstand great hardships. Unfortunately, this strength will be needed very soon.

    • Preferred Teammates: Dragon

After identifying which fortune belongs to what animal, they will need to take note of where each fortune came from.

Based on the hint in the description "The key to foresight is not just knowing where you're going, but also knowing where you've been," teams should look to mark down the locations in which they get each fortune. You will see this after marking down all the locations of the horoscopes:

Map of the park with all horoscope locatios marked

After connecting all of the horoscopes together by compatible animal, you will see the following:

Horoscope locations connected by compatible animal

You will see that after connecting the points together by compatible animal, it spells out the word ZEN, which is the answer.