Escape Artist




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At the start, you received a bunch of symbols and the location of a geocache. Paying attention to the flavor text should have hinted that you needed to pay attention to the braille symbols first. Reading all the braille left to right, top to bottom, spells SEVENSIXSEVENNINE, and upon finding the cache you should also have discovered a lock box, which the code 7679 opens.

Inside that box was a note, which clued you to now look for pig pen, and the location of another Geocache. Repeating this process with pig pen yields SIXSEVENSEVENFIVE, and that lock box has a note cluing Morse code, which yields SIXNINESIXEIGHT, the next clues for Semaphore which yields EIGHTFIVEEIGHTZERO.

Opening the final lock box reveals a note cluing for ASCII, and taking all the digits you used to open the boxes in order from the first box to the last reads LOCKEDUP in ASCII, and that is in fact the final answer

Geocache 1: behind two loose rocks to the right of the streetlight

Geocache 2: behind the electrical transformers in a pocket on the blue fence

Geocache 3: in the tree, just past the T intersection of the trails, in the hollow just above (for people my height) eye level.

Geocache 4: under the retaining wall, just after the handrailing ends