Teams are greeted by a Marcan who tells them:

We know these runes are magical, and we have a device to channel the energy they can create into some harmless and useful tricks. Sadly the people who were able to discover this magic were not able to harness the energy. They started a large fire, destroying all documentation of how the rune were used. All that remains are their notes outlining the process they used.

Try and use them to rediscover the magic. You can try out your research safely at the magic-channeling machine™. Once you think you've unlocked their energy, let a proctor know, and we let you test on a machine with the safety removed.


Runes is a duck-style puzzle in which 4 players (labeled player 1-4 in this guide) trade and permute the order of 7 runes (labeled A-G in this guide) in order rediscover "lost old magic" and to channel the resulting "magical" energy to do some cool stuff to be built later

There are 3 instances of the puzzle, each with different names and runes that map to the generic player 1-4/rune A-G mentioned in this guide. The name used for each rune in the puzzle is constant across all 3 instances. You can easily identify which instance an intern is solving by the first letter of their characters names. The options are Green, Yellow, and Purple. The mapping of data per instance is in the data section at the bottom.

At any given time a player is "using" 4 runes by placing them ordered positions (1-4) in front of them, and has 3 extra runes on side in an unordered "library". On a given turn/day a players instructions may ask them to change the order of the runes in front of them, switch runes they are using with one in their library, trade runes with another player, or some combination of these operations.

Throughout the puzzle interns may come up and try a ordered set of 4 runes in our special "magic channeling device" to see if they've found the right combination. Some of these combinations may trigger a minor magical effect (such as a light flashing) to signify they have followed the instructions correctly up until this point and should keep going.

Each player's turns are listed below with state being represented by the ordered listing of the runes being used, a hypen, and then the library: (ABCD-EFG). Highlighted rows cause the minor magical effects.

Player 1:

Day:Start State:Operation:End State
1AFDC-GAASwap C rune in position 4 with A rune from libraryAFDA-GAC
2AFDA-GACGive player 4 A rune from library. Replace it with B rune they give youAFDA-GBC
3AFDA-GBCSwap C rune from library with A rune in position 1CFDA-ABG
4CFDA-ABGSwap A rune in position 4 with B rune in libraryCFDB-AAG
5CFDB-AAGGive player 2 F rune from position 2, replace it with E rune they give youCEDB-AAG
6CEDB-AAGPut D rune from position 3 into library. Move E rune from position 2 to position 3. Place G rune from library into position 2.CGEB-ADA
7CGEB-ADATake F rune from player 2, place in position 1. Give them C runeFGEB-ADA

Player 2:

Day:Start State:Operation:End State
1GAGD-DEEReplace A rune in position 2 with one of the E runes in your libraryGEGD-DEA
2GEGD-DEATrade the G rune in position 1 to player 3. Place the C rune they give you in position 1CEGD-DEA
3CEGD-DEAGive player 4 the D rune from position 4. Replace it with F rune they give you.CEGF-DEA
4CEGF-DEATrade libraries with player 3CEGF-CBF
5CEGF-CBFGive player 1 E rune from position 2. Put the F they give you in position 2.CFGF-CBF
6CFGF-CBFTrade F in position 2 to player 3. Replace it with the E they give you.CEGF-CBF
7CEGF-CBFSwitch C rune in position 1 with B rune in library. Reverse order of your runes. Give player 1 F rune from your libraryFGEB-CCC

Player 3:

Day:Start State:Operation:End State
1FBBC-CBFGive B rune from position 2 to player 4. Replace it with E rune they give youFEBC-CBF
2FEBC-CBFGive player 2 C rune from position 4. Replace it with G rune they give you.FEBG-CBF
3FEBG-CBFReverse order of your runesGBEF-CBF
4GBEF-CBFTrade libraries with player 2GBEF-DEA
5GBEF-DEAGive player 4 F rune from position. Replace it with the A rune they give youGBEA-DEA
6GBEA-DEAGive player 2 the E rune from your library. Move B rune from position 2 to library. Move G rune from position 1 to position 2. Take F rune from player 2 and put it in position 1.FGEA-DAB
7FGEA-DABSwap B rune in library with A run in position 4.FGEB-DAA

Player 4:

Day:Start State:Operation:End State
1BEFD-GCEGive E rune in position 2 to player 3. Replace with B rune they give you.BBFD-GCE
2BBFD-GCEGive player 1 B rune from position 1. Replace it with A rune from player 1.ABFD-GCE
3ABFD-GCEGive player 2 F rune from position 3. Move E from library into position 3. Place D rune they give you in your library.ABED-GCD
4ABED-GCEReverse your runesDEBA-GCD
5DEBA-GCDGive player 3 the A rune from position 4. Place F rune they give you into position 4DEBF-GCD
6DEBF-GCDSwap B rune in position 3 with G run in the library.DEGF-BCD
7DEGF-BCDSwap D in position 1 with B in library. Reverse runes.FGEB-DCD


Common places where teams struggle / suggestions for hinting them through it.

Changes Since Beta/RC:

List changes here so GC staff who played know what's new.


The mapping for the data is:

Green/Instance 1Yellow/Instance 2Purple/Instance 3
Player 1GrettaYasminePaula
Player 2GregYusufPatrick
Player 3GailYvettePenny
Player 4GeorgeYvesPeter
Rune A/Berekana
Rune B/Ehwaz
Rune C/Mannaz
Rune D/Raipo
Rune E/Jera
Rune F/Opila
Rune G/Hagalaz