Welcome to Duology

Duology (code named Lepus) was the 19th incarnation of the Microsoft Intern Game.

Volume 1: The Mark of Merlin

The Sorting Trials for The Mark of Merlin gave every Microsoft intern an opportunity to get a taste of a Game experience by participating in many different trials found at a variety of interesting locations around the Microsoft Seattle area! They honed their skills to determine which of the great branches of magic they belonged to. Many of these trials should still be available for you now (http://aka.ms/duology) (requires Microsoft credentials).

Volume 2: Prophecy of the Dead

Prophecy of the Dead was a weekend-long adventure that took place July 27-28, 2019 for 30 lucky teams of 6-7 interns. It took groups of newly Sorted out into the world to solve a mystery that threatened both of the great houses of Magic!

Interns travelled south from the Microsoft main campus on an unforgettable 36 hour long puzzling road-rally experience. They made their way through 17 different locations and solved 26 different puzzles. They saw some amazing sights including the Olympia (home of the Washington State Capitol), pristine Point Defiance park and the historic Tacoma Landmark Theatre in Tacoma. They also ended up at a few more unexpected places like the Robert Morris Earthwork, and Bullwinkles family fun center. Check out the full route for more detail about what when on at each place.