My Favorite Illuden




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Players are presented with the following letter and directed to head to Market Magic & Novelty Shop in Pike Place.

Dear Player,

I'm just an Unsorted kid right now, but when I grow up, I really really want to be an Illudo. I love looking at old posters of Illuden in the magic shop. Sometimes, I imagine what it would be like on stage, performing great feats of illusion and technology. My mom always told me that I can grow up to perform on stage as long as I have one special trait - but, Player, I'm not going to tell you what it is. You have to figure it out yourself! Here is a list of my favorite Illuden and some facts about them to help you solve it 😃

  1. He must have had 1 Ace up his sleeve to beat the Devil in a game of poker!
  2. This group of people aren't Illuden, but they certainly have the performance chops of them! I told my mom 5 times that I wanted to go see this crazy freak show but she never took me.
  3. When I was 3 my mom took me to see his own Big American Company. I don't remember much except there were some devilish looking red bats flying high above the audience. Maybe I dreamed that though.
  4. This Illudo was the scariest 1 I ever saw. He liked to play with skulls and candles during his shows. His stage name is actually two words, which is kind of cool.
  5. This husband and wife duo from Germany was exceptionally accomplished. He was a decorated diplomat and could make her float like 8 feet in the air!
  6. This guy was the best Illudo escapist EVER. He sometimes escaped from underwater, and sometimes escaped with all 4 of his limbs bound. He's so famous, even the Unsorted know who he is!
  7. The owner of the shop must like this guy as much as I do because there are TONS of his poster around! At the 3rd show of his I went to, he was wearing a turban that looked like a question mark!
  8. The was a Master of magic and a master of animals too. He had a menagerie with 9 white birds that he brought along to every show.
  9. This Chinese duo was really only 1 guy and his shadow. Sometimes he appears without his shadow though, so you might have to keep looking!
  10. This Supreme Master of Magic performed in Asia and Egypt a lot. He saw the 2 great pyramids on his Triumphant American Tour (not to be confused with the Big American Company, that's a different Illuden!!!)




You were given 10 descriptions of Illuden, and each one had a number in it.

Outside of the magic shop were many posters. Each description you were given corresponded to one Illuden's name, identifiable by the descriptions of the posters.

Each description also had a number in it. When you index into the Illuden's name using the number from each description, you get a letter.

Taking the letters in the same order that the child gave you, you get the answer CONFIDENCE.

##XIlluden NameL