Tank of Regrets


Bridgette Kuehn


The teams walk in to a dark room. In the room there is a tank in the center covered with a cloth. The Illudo mentions that there was a tragedy inside the tank and there are some strange things going on. When he pulls off the cloth from the tank, the lights flip to black lights. The teams see symbols floating in the tank and the outside, which previously read "WATER TORTURE CHAMBER" now has similar symbols glowing beneath it. The puzzle is afoot.


  1. Teams should recognize that the glowing symbols map 1:1 with letters.
    1. There are a few rules that they should identify from the symbols underneath the letters "WATER TORTURE CHAMBER":
      1. The number of straight lines in the center of the symbol is the number of straight lines in the shape of the capital letter ("I" has only one line, "F" has three, "P" has one)
      2. Circles are vowels, squares are consonants ("Y" is a square but it doesn't matter)
      3. The number of dots in the center of the letter correspond to the number of holes in the shape of the letter ("B" has two dots, "L" has no dots, "P" has one)
      4. There are a certain number of dots underneath the shape. This is to help differentiate the letters that have all the same features for rules 1-3. All dots are hollow except one. The one that is filled is based on the alphabetical order of that letter ("M" and "W" are squares with four lines and no center dots. Underneath there are two dots. For M, the first dot is filled and second is hollow. For W, the second dot is filled and first is hollow)
  2. Teams should recognize most of the symbols floating in the tank are unknown. Using the rules above, they should be able to solve for the shapes they do not know.
  3. There are three symbols floating in each side of the tank for a total of twelve symbols. The three sides are "INF" (left side), "INI" (front),"TED" (right side),"IVE" (back) when the symbols are read left to right, top to bottom.
  4. In the order of starting with the side that says WELCOME (left side) it spells INFINITEDIVE. Will also accept DIVEINFINITE since I'm nice and order is semi-ambiguous.