We had an ambitious new goal this year. In order to fully support both Volume 1 and Volume 2 puzzles, and ensure a cohesive experience for the entire event, we were going to have to have two complete stories.

Emma Roudabush took to this challenge and created an amazing world that combined two unique styles of magic, also known as Duology. We introduced the Illuden, centered on understanding and manipulating science to produce illusions and stage magic, and the Marcana, fostering magic using the arcane spirituality of all things. Long at odds with each other, the only thing both sides seem to be able to agree on is that you don't mess with death.

Volume 1: The Mark of Merlin

In Volume 1: The Mark of Merlin the Unsorted took part in The Sorting Trials where they discovered that they were a bearer of The Mark of Merlin, one chosen to fully embrace both schools of magic with the potential to forge peace between the long warring factions.

Volume 2: Prophecy of the Dead

Volume 2: Prophecy of the Dead brought this world to life with rumors of an evil plot in the works. Teams ventured out to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges alongside an amazing cast of characters from all over the magical spectrum.