Emma Roudabush


Teams meet with a person who does the interlocking rings magic trick and describes the "trick" to it--that one of the rings has a notch taken out of it.

After the introduction, you then receive the following:

  1. A rolled up vinyl sheet (this is the crossword) with stakes to help keep it in the ground
  2. A bag containing rings, some fully connected, some with a notch taken out and a letter engraved on them
  3. An envelope containing a series of papers (all with the same message on it)


The paper you receive has the following typed on it:

We have found some interesting hints from Illuden of old.

With what you have just learned, maybe some of these clues can ring a bell?

  1. An instrument used to administer medicine
  2. A reaction to a distasteful individual
  3. Another name for your child
  4. A violation of a copyright
  5. The name of a muscle in one's leg
  6. A support for a mattress
  7. A type of rock climbing
  8. The act of deviating from one's intended route
  9. The refraction of light in an anisotropic material in two slightly different directions to form two rays
  10. A French dessert made with egg whites
  11. Sharp or bitter taste
  12. (In regard to food) delicious or appealing
  13. A piece of jewelry for your head
  14. A pattern of rectangles named for a fish skeleton

Based on the fact you have just watched how the interlocking rings magic trick is done, the "ring a bell", and the physical rings you have received, you know that "ring" is important to the words.

Each of these clue's answer which will fit into the crossword must have the word "ring" in it. The answer to each of the clues is as follows:

  1. Syringe
  2. Cringe
  3. Offspring
  4. Infringement
  5. Hamstring
  6. Boxspring
  7. Bouldering
  8. Detouring
  9. Birefringence
  10. Meringue
  11. Astringent
  12. Mouthwatering
  13. Earring
  14. Herringbone

Each of the rings with a segment taken out of them contain a letter engraved on it. These are the letters to all of the clues, aside from the word "ring" in each of the clues, which is represented by a full ring (which will have no letters engraved on them).

Using the rings, clues, and outline of the crossword given, teams are then to complete the crossword. The lengths of the words and position of "ring" uniquely place some of the words, but others require logic and looking at the words that cross them.

Once they have constructed the completed crossword, they will see that there are certain crossword squares that are colored (either red, blue or yellow). From left to right, if you read the letters in red boxes you will get ONCE. The letters in the blue boxes will give YOU and the letter in the yellow boxes will give you POP. Using RYB ordering, you will get the phrase "Once You Pop," another clue.

"Once You Pop" is the motto for PRINGLES which contains the word "ring" and is the answer.