Dueling Fundamentals


Gage Ames


Teams were seated at a table, with a screen on the wall next to them. Teams will be handed two spell scrolls and two Kano wands. Each of the spells on the scroll comes with a name, description, and gesture illustration.


The descriptions of the spells clearly states whether a spell is offensive or defensive. Each spell also has a "type," one of earth, water, fire, or wind/air. The types are inferred from the one-sentence description provided for each spell.

It's best to start by determining the "type" of each spell from the description. That will aid in narrowing down the spells that should be paired later, when casting the spells.

Here is the list of spells, their types, and whether they are offensive or defensive.

Aura Priori RheniumEarthDefensive
Begorum Terbium JaltoWaterOffensive
Dignissium Eimo NullamEarthOffensive
Fempus TerbiumWaterDefensive
Figrius EpilisFireOffensive
Filarium Iridium EdartoWindDefensive
Laoreet Eimo PurusFireDefensive
Lexonero NullamWindDefensive
Lorem Absolvo QuotemWaterDefensive
Omnes OsmiumEarthOffensive
Protego ProinEarthDefensive
Provicum MoralisWaterOffensive
Sayto Vivamus AccumsanWindOffensive
Sei Etuna TerbiumFireOffensive
Terbium ArestriumFireDefensive
Thorium GuilleriumWindOffensive

The next step is to determine which spells are "paired" together (i.e. produce an "interesting" result when cast at each other). The "pairing rules" are as follows:

  • One spell must be offensive and the other defensive

  • The two spells must be of the same type (e.g. Water)

  • The two spells must have the same number of words in their name

These rules must be discovered through trial and error (by casting the spells and observing the result) but should produce a unique pairing of spells.

When casting correctly paired spells based on the rules, the team should observe these results:

Offensive SpellDefensive SpellAnimal
Provicum MoralisFempus Terbium1 Ant
Omnes OsmiumProtego Proin2 Turtles
Begorum Terbium JaltoLorem Absolvo Quotem3 Owls
Dignissium Eimo NullamAura Priori Rhenium4 Monkeys
Figrius EpilisTerbium Arestrium5 Iguanas
Thorium GuilleriumLexonero Nullam6 Cats
Sei Etuna TerbiumLaoreet Eimo Purus7 Narwhals
Sayto Vivamus AccumsanFilarium Iridium Edarto8 Owls

Taking the first letter of each animal and putting them in order by the quantity of animals gives "ATOMICNO," which is intended to be interpreted as "Atomic Number" This hints that an atomic number needs to be obtained from each spell pair.

Looking at the pairs of spells, one should notice that a single spell from each pair contains the name of an element in the spell name. Taking the atomic number of each element yields values in the ASCII range. Mapping these atomic numbers to ASCII letters yields:

Offensive SpellDefensive SpellElementAtomic NumberASCII Letter
Provicum MoralisFempus TerbiumTerbium65A
Omnes OsmiumProtego ProinOsmium76L
Begorum Terbium JaltoLorem Absolvo QuotemTerbium65A
Dignissium Eimo NullamAura Priori RheniumRhenium75K
Figrius EpilisTerbium ArestriumTerbium65A
Thorium GuilleriumLexonero NullamThorium90Z
Sei Etuna TerbiumLaoreet Eimo PurusTerbium65A
Sayto Vivamus AccumsanFilarium Iridium EdartoIridium77M

Placing these letters together in the same order as before (based on the number of animals resulting from each spell pair gives "ALAKAZAM" which is the answer.

Spell Details Table

OrderFirst Letter of AnimalAnimalTypeOffensive SpellDefensive SpellElementAtomic NumberASCII Letter
1AAntWaterProvicum MoralisFempus TerbiumTerbium65A
2TTurtleEarthOmnes OsmiumProtego ProinOsmium76L
3OOwlWaterBegorum Terbium JaltoLorem Absolvo QuotemTerbium65A
4MMonkeyEarthDignissium Eimo NullamAura Priori RheniumRhenium75K
5IIguanaFireFigrius EpilisTerbium ArestriumTerbium65A
6CCatWindThorium GuilleriumLexonero NullamThorium90Z
7NNarwhalFireSei Etuna TerbiumLaoreet Eimo PurusTerbium65A
8OOwlWindSayto Vivamus AccumsanFilarium Iridium EdartoIridium77M