Fortunate Fortunes




Available online here:

Use your FOURsight and find the ONE hidden room named Volstead. Once inside, look within the globe and you will find your next test of divination in the form of a cookie.

Once they find Volstead (4th floor of building 41) and look inside the globe in the room, they will find the following:

  1. A bowl of fortune cookies
  2. A sign with a URL in case they would like more fortunes (but would not eat the cookie)


Upon getting a cookie, they will receive one of the 5 fortunes outlined above.

Steps to solving:

  1. Look at the lucky numbers. Depending on the fortune, they will either be within ASCII range or Number-Alphabet range (1-26). Upon decoding those numbers, they will receive a 6 letter word.
    1. When they enter that word into the answering system, they will receive the response "Fortunes are better when you share them with friends!" This is to indicate that they need more fortunes.
      1. The amount they need and the ordering is indicated by the LEARN CHINESE word, a fruit/vegetable, in alphabetical order.
  2. Once you have found all five fortunes, and ordered them by their LEARN CHINESE word, you will get the phrase "SELECT SECOND LETTER ROTATE TWELVE"
  3. The intern must then take the second letter from the front fortune and rotate the letter forward (since foresight is looking into the future)
  4. After rotating the second letters twelve, "TZCIF" becomes "FLOUR" which is the answer