Available online here: https://interngame.microsoft.com/game/duology/c972d5e7-02bc-4148-8a98-edd873f2f74c

Teams receive a map of Studios West. Each Studio has an X with a spyglass marked, and three additional dots nearby. There is some flavor text describing what to do.

I've finally tracked down the last of the four enchanted spy glasses so I know I'm near the end. I've added its location to the first three I already marked on the map. When I arrived, I found the spyglass in its case exactly where I expected. I removed it from the wooden case and swept it around the area. Just like the first three, the magical energy in this one quickly drew my gaze tracing a line outwards from my current location towards the obvious marker of the direction I should focus my search. I'm not usually one for superstition but there were enough legends of disturbing curses that I made sure to return it to where I found it when I was done so it could be discovered by other explorers.

The ancient writings clearly indicate that the spy glasses work together to lead you somewhere, but I'm stumped as to where to head next! Each spyglass seems to be pointing towards a wildly different place. Even though it narrows down my search to a specific area, there's still FAR too much to cover entirely.

My translations prove that I'm close to finding the geometric center of the ancient source of power so I should be able to pinpoint the exact location. My only hope is that I know what to do with it when I get there. I've collected notes of everything I've seen along the way though, so I should be able to refer to them as necessary.


  1. Go to each spyglass marked on the map and locate the spyglass box at that location. All boxes are located around the atriums.
    1. Studio A - 2nd floor on the skybridge near the elevators.
    2. Studio B - 3rd floor on a table at the top of the staircase.
    3. Studio C - 3rd (2nd) floor on the skybridge away from the elevators.
    4. Studio D - 4th floor on the skybridge near the elevators.
  2. Open the spyglass box to find a trivia question and then locate the three possible answers which are posted as signs around the nearby atrium (visible from the spyglass location). The directions roughly correspond to the additional dots on the map. They should be pretty obvious to find. Only hard one is in Studio A where it's not located in the atrium but actually slightly farther down the hallway continuing from the skybridge.
    1. Studio A: A diviner of animal entrails.
      1. Haruspex
      2. Dowser
      3. Cartomancer
    2. Studio B: Can be particularly difficult to fool.
      1. Criss Angel
      2. Penn Gillette
      3. David Blaine
    3. Studio C: Known for some harrowing escapes.
      1. Roy Horn
      2. David Copperfield
      3. Harry Houdini
    4. Studio D: Supported by a sinister serpentine staff
      1. Maleficent
      2. Jafar
      3. Gandalf
  3. Determine the appropriate answer to the question.
  4. Draw a line from the Spyglass location continuing through the appropriate answer dot
  5. After drawing a line for each spyglass you will have a quadrilateral. Determine the geometric center of the quadrilateral.
  6. Go to that location (just behind a wall on the east side of the outdoor patio south of the Mexican restaurant in the Sub Mixer) and locate a hidden sign containing 12 spaces each marked with some text.
  7. Use this text to index into the answer words. Eg. A3, 6 => Studio A, Answer 3, Letter 6
  8. Get the phrase ABRA NEXT WORD => CADABRA