Show Me What You Got


Andrew Dicken


Teams will be given a pile of trick instructions that are in no sort of order. Also some of the instructions have been shift cyphered.


Detailed solving steps / diagrams / anything needed for GC to know exactly how the puzzle is solved.

  1. The teams must first translate all of the Caesar cyphered instructions to English.
  2. Teams must group like instructions with each other based on trick type (magic deck, vase and balls, folding dollar bill, and dice)
  3. Teams must put the instructions for each of these tricks in order (see attached Word doc for correct ordering)
  4. Once a trick's instructions are put in the correct order the teams must go up to the Wizard family for the corresponding trick (Dolores = Dollar, Cardinal = Cards, Dyson = Dice, Vasquez = Vase) and show them the trick instructions in order
  5. If the instructions are correct, the wizard family will give the team the trick that they are able to take back and practice with their instructions
  6. After practicing, teams may return with the trick to the correct wizard and perform the trick. If they perform the trick satisfactorily, then they will receive a piece of secondary data that will be used for a mini-meta puzzle
  7. The piece of secondary data is cyphered with the same shift as the cyphered instruction for that trick
  8. Perform all of the tricks, decipher all of the secondary pieces of data and it will produce a phrase that says "Final word / of each / vase and ball / trick instruction." (They aren't given these in any particular order, but that's the one that makes a sentence.)
  9. If you read the final word of each "Vase and ball" trick instruction (aka the final word of each bullet point) it reads "Close up magic style with body part name" which is Sleight of Hand (or Quick Fingers but I don't expect this answer as much)


  • Teams may correctly decipher all pieces of data and then wonder what to do: hint to them to see if there are any patterns between the instructions
  • Teams may have all instructions correct and wonder what to do: hint to them to talk to the wizard families
  • If teams have the phrase "Close up magic style with body part name" tell them to do some research on Close Up Magic, on the Wikipedia page for "Close up Magic" you'll see "Sleight of Hand" and "Quick Fingers" both listed