Book Test




Available online here:

Interns receive a pdf with 6 sections across three pages, starting with the following text:

Being an expert Illuden requires mastery of mentalism, a highly intuitive sense of the human mind and behavior.

A common mentalist trick is the Book Test, which has spawned several popular variations.

Can you master this Illuden skill?

This puzzle can be solved at the Kirkland Public Library. The majority of the puzzle can be solved in most KCLS libraries.


There are 6 mini-puzzle to Book Test, each leading you to a book available in the Kirkland Public Library.

Also, associated with those books are a series of 3 numbers, italicized and set aside from the rest of the mini-puzzle.

Here is the breakdown of the mini-puzzles:

  1. Sudoku

    Just a typical Sudoku puzzle. Once solved, use the numbers in the colored boxes (1 per column) to complete the ISBN for the book in this section (left-to-right).

    The ISBN you will have is 978-0-385737289, which is The Magician by Michael Scott.

    Here is the solved Sudoku puzzle:

  2. Rebus Puzzle

    A typical rebus puzzle. Using the icons and the word mathematics you will get:

    RAIN + BOW

    (CROWN - CN) + (BELL - B)

    Or the author Rainbow Rowell

    However… you don't have a book title. Looking at Rainbow Rowell's written works (cross referencing with what is available at the Kirkland Library), you will see that only one of her currently released books is Magic/Magician themed (a theme for all of the books you will have to find) -- Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

  3. QR Code Puzzle

    Looking at this mini-puzzle, you can tell that this is a jumbled up QR code. Reconstructing the QR code, and subsequently following the url it is for, you will be led to an Amazon page for A Magical World: Superstition and Science from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment by Derek K. Wilson

  4. Drop Quote Puzzle

    The next mini-puzzle is a Drop Quote puzzle (with a link about solving them as they are an uncommon puzzle type). Solving the puzzle will get you the book Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris (as the drop quote is the phrase "Choose Your Own Autography by Neil Patrick Harris")

  5. Number Trivia Puzzle

    This mini-puzzle involves finding the appropriate number for each hint.

    When filled in, and with the previous 978 given, you will have another ISBN number: 978-1592404490

    Which is The Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baum by Rebecca Loncraine

  6. Word Scramble

    The last mini-puzzle is a word scramble involving library related words.

    After unscrambling the initial words, you will get the following:

    Looking at the bracketed letters, you will get RRECSSOSE. This seems like nonsense; however, if you unscramble those letters, as you have done with the previous words, you will get SORCERESS.

    Unscrambling the author's name, you will get GRAY. Knowing the author and the title, you will have the book Sorceress by Claudia Gray.

After getting every book, you can now use the series of three numbers. If you look into the magic trick "Book Test," you will see one of the aforementioned variations is called Page, Line, Word.

If you use the numbers to index into the Page, Line, and Word from each of their respective books, you will get the following words:

  3. HORSE
  5. YEAR

If you go directly outside of the Kirkland Public Library, you will see the statue Carousel, which has a horse on it.

Image result for carousel statue kirkland

Looking at the plaque next to it, you will see that the statue was made in October 1995.

Submit 1995 to finish the puzzle.