Dubble Bubble


Alex Marcellus, Bridgette Kuehn


At the start of the puzzle, teams are greeted by the two members of the Dubble Bubble Bubble Committee. One member can see, but not taste, and other can taste, but not see.

The team is split into two subteams. One of the subteams (the tasting team) is blindfolded and brought to a table with seven jars with a different type of candy in each. Each jar is also labeled with a number from 1 through 7 from left to right on the table.

  1. Egg shaped gummies
  2. White chocolate coconut thing (we're told it feels like a pine cone)
  3. Sugar coated fruit roll-up thing
  4. Spice covered gummy bear
  5. Chocolate swedish fish
  6. Dubble bubble gum balls (medium size)
  7. Lego brick

The other subteam (the seeing team) is brought to a table with twenty scattered jars. The jars have a candy in each of them. All of them have labels with an ingredient listed on it (ex: fork of adder).

The two subteams are separated by physical distance. The seeing team can only get so close to the tasting team, to prevent them from seeing what the tasting team is tasting.


The purpose of the first phase of the puzzle is for the seeing team to figure out which seven candies the tasting team has among the twenty that they can see. The seeing team can only get so close to the tasting team and communicate with them verbally to determine what the tasting team has.

The tasting team will have to taste each of the candies and describe what they are tasting to the seeing team, so the seeing team can identify the seven candies they have. The tasting team can call over staff members to refill their candy if they eat everything from a jar

Once the seven candies are identified, the seeing team will need to notice that the labeled ingredients on the jars each have a doubled letter (for example, fork of aDDer has a double D). Taking the doubled letter from each ingredient, the seeing team will derive the message PEELTWO

1gummy ice cream coneFruit of AppleP
2coconut ball - milk chocolatePig's SpleenE
3gummy rope spiral - sourSeed of PeachE
4gummy bear - spicyUnicorn SkullL
5chocolate covered blueberryWing of ButterflyT
6bubble gum - dubble bubbleGlowworm's LightW
7lego brickJaguar's BloodO

Once PEELTWO is derived, the tasting team will have to peel the number 2 off of the jar labeled with 2. Under the number 2 is three actual raised braille letters. The tasting team will have to feel the braille letters to determine the final answer, YUM.

Design Notes

This puzzle was completely rewritten after RC after getting feedback that teams were frustrated that they didn't get to EAT any of the candy. The tasting mechanic was added specifically for this purpose. The original version of the puzzle also had animal categories on some of the jars. Teams would have to categorize the ingredient into the animal categories (for example: foot of adder -> reptile). This mechanic was completely removed for the final puzzle.

For the final answer, we changed from submitting the correct item from each category to receive braille encoded in bubble gum to a new mechanic that used braille hidden under the tasting teams' jars.