Toil and Trouble




Randall, Will Hart


This puzle can MOSTLY be solved online using the information below.

You walk up to a Marcana sitting at a table with a smoking cauldron, surrounded by candles. He says to you:

I recently uncovered a treasure trove of documents from a group of three Marcana researchers and I've being digging through it trying to uncover what they found. I've already gone through each Marcana's notes and pulled out everything that I know is important for you but I'm not sure what to do with it next. There's so much information here I need some way to combine it all together and reduce it down to just the important stuff.

Each Marcana was very skilled in their own specialty, so I think we need to figure out what each was working on first. There's also some evidence that after they mastered their own skills they started working together, combining their skills to make something even greater, but their notes from before and after they started working together are all mixed up.

So, get started and see what you can find. If you think you're getting somewhere come back to me and let me see what you've got, and I'll see if we can't turn it into something useful.

Teams are presented with an envelope containing a bunch of scraps of paper. Each scrap of paper is one of three colors and has a single common word written on it.

There are 24 words total, on three different colors of paper.

  • Green: Bone, Black, Freeze, Clean, Ice, Drip, Carpet, Dock
  • White: Mushroom, List, Spot, Mate, Double, Dark, Rain, Out
  • Red: Guide, Store, Stage, Case, Year, Mark, Scrap, Trick