Last Time on Duology…

(i.e. what you learn if you read the story for Volume 1)

You have found yourself in a fantastical world of magic overseen primarily by two groups: the Marcana and the Illuden.

The Marcana foster magic using the arcane spirituality of all things. What they lack in control, they make up in pure potential. The Marcana tend to shy away from created technology, favoring more raw, elemental type magics.

Using hard-work, sleight-of-hand, and science, the Illuden create marvels of the eye and brain. They have very little ability to conjure mystical events; however, the Illuden work to contain and manipulate magic using practical applications.

The groups don't agree on much, but they do agree on one thing: You don't mess with death. Sure, one could try to prolong death and stave it with medicine or healing magic. But once someone was dead, they were dead.

After spending the majority of your life as an Unsorted, you finally become of age to participate in the

Sorting Trials. During your Sorting Trials, you befriend an Illudo named Alice and a Marcana named Robert. Ultimately, you find yourself the Bearer of the Mark of Merlin—a chosen one meant to master the magic of both Illuden and Marcana and bring peace to the group. After learning about the history of the previous Bearer of the Mark, Nox, you decide to accept the Mark of Merlin and your new role.