After sleeping for a really, really long time—a couple of people wondered if you fell into a coma after casting that spell—you finally had enough mental acuity to deal with the aftermath of everything.

Alice, in the aftermath of Edwin's defeat, took his place as the head of the Illuden. There were some

Illuden families worried about another Contoso taking the helm, but her involvement in the

Necromancer's defeat as well as her personality being the exact opposite of her father's allowed her to convince her nay-sayers.

Another thing became illuminated after everything that went down—the need for cooperation. It was only due to the knowledge from both the Marcana and the Illuden that the Necromancer could be found and destroyed.

Gemini, in turn, stepped down from leading the Marcana—devasted by her twin brother's betrayal.

Oh yeah, that was quite a revelation as well.

Gemini, the only Marcana of a famously Illuden family, tried her whole life to shun Edwin and the Illuden people. Only after the potential death and devastation of the world did she realize she should not have rejected that side of herself and, in honor of her brother, Gemini decided to go reconnect with her Illuden roots.

And guess who she decided to name as her successor? (Hint: It's Robert!)

So now, you sit and wait for Alice and Robert to meet you—and this time you were the one who sent them coordinates. In your hands, you fiddle with the Amulet of Truth and, at your feet, Chester is idly nibbling at some dandelions.

Robert appears first, ever reliably whooshing into view. His attire has considerably improved—now adorned in multiple flowing robes that nicely accentuate his teleportation abilities—but, underneath it all, Robert is still Robert. He excitedly waves as he spots you.

"Hey! Back from the dead?!" He jokes. You grin in response.

"You can't get rid of me that easily."

"Well it's nice to know that the Bearer of the Mark still has some fight in them," Alice remarks, as she walks to stand with you and Robert. "So, what did you call us here for? Do you have another mystery to be solved?"

You stand up, still grasping onto the amulet. "I think," you start, ripping the amulet in your hand back into its previous forms, "these should go back to their rightful owners." You hand one of the chunks to each Alice and Robert.

You see Robert tear up before crushing you into a hug. Alice chuckles and says, "Thank you. We won't let you down."

"Go team," you reply, smiling at your friends.