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Clue 9: WA County Trail

Clue Design: Tianyu
Clue Development: Erik, Tianyu
Clue Construction: Erik, Tianyu, Nick, Charles, Derek, Colleen, Paul, Scott, Jenn B.
Clue Staffing: Scott, Rohit, Colleen

Capitol Lake has, on its north side, a very very small hill with a bench on top. We stationed a man on that bench to chat with teams, engaging in another challenge/response dialog. The original challenge came from the previous puzzle; the man's response teams could find in the codebook they had received earlier. After the dialog was complete, the man gave the team a list of words. In the distance, they could see a flag waving from on top of a squat stone pillar.

Teams first completed the challenge/response (as given in the codebook), which proceeded as follows:

Team: You look like you need a monkey
Bench: Strawberries have always tasted better to me
Team: Agreed, and they're usually not as furry

Upon closer inspection, the flag sat atop a plaque of Yakima county and had drawn on it a map of Washinton's counties with Yakima filled in.

Almost every pillar that traces the shore of Capitol Lake has on it a plaque commemorating one of the thirty-nine Washington counties. Each plaque has a map of the state with the county filled in, some facts about the county, a paragraph giving the etymology of the name, and some breezy text about something or another of minor interest in, around, or about the county.

By happy coincidence, the teams had just been handed a list of thirty-nine words by that nice man on the bench....

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