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Clue 14 Solution: Toy Box

How the Clue Works

The Nutrition Facts have some ingredients in bold and some not. The note at the bottom of the nutrition facts says, "Percent Daily Values are based on an unbalanced diet," hinting that the %DVs are what's important. There are %DVs only on the bolded words. Indexing into the ingredient name using the %DV, we get "Vigenere."

The bag contains only pink and green M&Ms with an obvious ciphertext on them. Now that we know what cipher algorithm to use, all we need is the key. Since there isn't much else the key could be, using the colors of the M&Ms is the most clear choice.

The Solution

Decrypting the pink message with the key "pink" yields, "SUMNER WA". Similarly, using "green" as the key for the message on the green M&Ms generates the plaintext, "SUMNER AND PARK." This results in the final message, Sumner and Park, Sumner, WA, the intersection at which Loyalty Park is found in Sumner.

Design Notes

GC Notes

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