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Clue 5: ParkLight at Seymour Botanical Conservatory

Clue Design: Paul
Clue Development: Paul
Clue Actors: Lee (Valet), Cyndy

When teams arrived at the Karpeles Manuscript Library and Seymour Botanical Conservatory for the previous clue, they also saw the ParkLight valet stand that they left their vans with in Seattle. Any attempt to reclaim their vans, however, were met with mere dismissal.

The key to retrieving their vans was in the valet ticket that teams received when they first dropped off their vans.

TODO: Insert Valet Ticket Here.

Once vans were retrieved, the following pyramid containing a story item waited for them in their vans, as well as a package that was marked, "UFO detection kit; for alien sightings only," (to be used later in Clue 15). (The pyramid is tilted on the page for easy printing and cutting, and the large number was an irrelevant internal numbering that should be ignored.)

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