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Clue 2: Canned Salmon

Clue Design: Brad
Clue Development: Brad
Clue Construction: Brad, Zach, Jenn J.
Clue Staffing: Brad

From the 10th and Commerce exit were a series of signs pointing teams up toward Canned Salmon, a statue of a salmon made out of old cans, sitting inside of a fountain. The floor of the fountain was tiled, and orange stones were placed on various tiles.

When teams arrived, they found a small sheet of paper waiting for them. The page contained a series of blanks forming a set of words to be filled in, along with a pair of arrows and some text suggesting that the teams look for the stones in the fountain as well as another stone.

A short distance away, a stone with various cliches and saying inscribed in a spiral, going from the center out to the edge waited with a matching transcription.

        TODO: Insert Transcription Here.

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