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Clue 7: Percival Landing Tower

Box Raise Clue Design: Hoop, Erik, Nick, Sonya
Box Raise Clue Development: Hoop, Erik
Box Raise Clue Construction: Hoop, Erik, Lee
Box Raise Clue Staffing: Hoop, Michael, Sean, Tianyu
Girl Scout Clue Design: Erik
Girl Scout Clue Development: Erik
Girl Scout Construction: Charles, Sonya, Erik, Kara, Colleen

Upon arriving at Percival Landing Tower, teams were greeted by a staff member who informed them that the clue that they needed was held inside of a Pyramidal shaped box, which was dropped into the center of the tower. The center column of the tower was surrounded by long vertical beams (somewhat like railings), which were too close together to allow the box to be removed from the sides. Even with this restriction, teams could pass the box from one to another by reaching their arms through the railings, so a tensioned wire was tied through the column in such a way that the box's path of travel was severely limited. The stairs up wound around the column, and the orientation of the spiral stairs relative to the shaft were intended to ensure teams could not reach the box with their arms.

With the assistance of some dowel rods (which were hinted at as a useful item to bring for those who solved the PreGame Metapuzzle), teams were able to raise the box to the top and retrieve another pyramid (as always, ignore the number) and the following double-sided sheet:

Page 1 has a sticky note with the following text on it: "Good job getting your goal in four tries!" Also, Page 2 has a sticky note that reads "I guess 'dream mints' is very popular. Keep trying hard."

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