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Clue 5 Solution: Valet Ticket

How the Clue Works

The valet ticket has three parts. The first is a simple substitution cipher that reads "The key to finding your destination is to look at where you've been". This clued taems in to using the answers to the preceding puzzles to decode the message. The second part looks like a bar code, but was actually Morse Code. That message reads "One key per line" (In production, a typo slipped through and the message inadvertantly read "One key per lime") and "Use mod 29". The final part is some gibberish in three lines, each the exact length of one of the preceding answers. Three of the characters aren't actually letters - there is one closed bracket and two backslahes. These characters come right after the uppercase alphabet characters in ASCII, and were a hint that teams needed to use the ASCII values (of both the keys and the ciphertexts). The directive to use mod 29 suggested two options - either add or multiply. This was clarified by ParkLight's tagline, "Free parking at all times," with "all times" emphasized, denoting multiplication. Multiplying, then applying mod 29 yielded numbers in the range of one to twenty-six, which simply referred to characters in the alphabet to yield the final answer.

The Solution

The resulting message, "To get car tell the valet the name of the fruit of discord," is a riddle solving to the answer, apple.

Design Notes

This clue initially turned out to be substantially easier than this, and for schedule reasons it was decided that it needed to be made more challenging. TODO: Fill in the details of this process

GC Notes


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