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Clue 15: Loyalty Park

Clue Design: Derek
Clue Development: Derek
Clue Construction: Derek, Zach, Cyndy, Scott, Paul
Clue Staffing: Derek, Irwin, Jessica, Paul

At Loyalty Park, after receiving another pyramid (as usual, ignore the number), nothing was immediately obvious until teams found the large field in the SE corner of the park and discovered several (19) large circles staked out over a few hundred square feet.

At long last, this was the UFO sighting that was alluded to by the packet that teams received in their vans when they were retrieved back in Clue 5.

Opening the envelope, teams found roughly 30 feet of orange string, and a piece of paper sprinkled with a couple thousand or so letters - three of which were circled.

A schematic of the field and the grid of letters can be used to emulate the puzzle here, but this is a poor representation of the actual clue. TODO: Link in diagrams of the field and the letter grid.

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