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Clue 8: Heritage Park Fountain

Clue Design: Zach, Derek, Scott, Nick
Clue Development: Zach, Derek, Scott, Kara, Brad, Nick
Clue Construction: Zach, Derek, Scott, Kara, Brad
Clue Staffing: Zach, Jenn J., Scott, Jennifer B., Colleen, Rohit

The Heritage Park Fountain is a flat fountain with jets that shoot water out of holes in the ground into the air. In the center of this fountain was a central console unit, with four satellite units on the four sides of it, towards the edges of the fountain.

After receiving the usual pyramid (as usual, ignore the number), The first part of this clue involved manipulating these boxes in order to retrieve the following series of numbers (this part of the clue cannot be reproduced here):

Once teams figured out what to do with these numbers (note that this part of the clue is no longer solvable), they received the following messages:

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