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Clue 20 Solution: Encoded Pyramid Metapuzzle

How the Clue Works

This was the Metapuzzle, which utilized all of the story pyramids that teams had been receiving. In each of the pyramids was some number of boxed off letters, and a set of square tiles on the bottom of the pyramid where these letters were meant to be filled in. These tiles matched the size of the squares in the template exactly, and they were meant to be cut out to arrange on the template.

The task here was simply to lay out the tiles such that the final message would read out across, in English order (top to bottom, left to right), with words possibly wrapping across lines.

The bold letters were, simultaneously, a twist and a hook. When completed properly, the bold letters would line up into words vertically that happened to be encoded words in the Manual System for Interpreting Gibberish.. These needed to be replaced by their decoded counterparts to read the final message. The message on the bottom was designed to make it obvious that the code book would be involved, and to get teams thinking about how the bold letters could make words, as figuring out the fact that bold words would show up vertically gave a lot of information that made putting together the final configuration substantially easier.

The Solution

Properly assembled, the final message read "now is the turning point choose which side logic or randomness go to eighteen cafeteria to finish," which lead teams to the Building 18 Cafeteria to finish their journey.

Design Notes

GC Notes

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