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Clue 1: Opening Ceremony - Seattle Federal Courthouse

Clue Design: Erik
Clue Development: Erik
Clue Staffing: Jennifer B. (Acting), Lee (Valet), Charles (Observation), Paul (ATM)

The Illumine Game began at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday as the teams pulled up to ParkLight, our valet service, in front of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Seattle. The valet implored them to make sure they took all of their valuable with them, then gave them a mysterious looking valet ticket and sent them to registration.

At registration, after a recheck of waivers, teams received a packet with a set of team-colored bandanas, markers to decorate their bandanas, and a letter to be opened no earlier than 7:45 a.m. Teams were then directed to proceed to wait on the steps of the courthouse for an opening presentation to be held at 7:45 a.m.

At about 7:35, Erik and Nick showed up at the presentation site to implore teams to wait a little longer, and that they would return to start things off at 7:45. This was (theoretically) the last that teams would see of them, as 7:45 came and went.

As the designated start time came and went with no presentation, teams with a good memory remembered the letter that was included with their start packet. Opening this letter, they received a message wishing them good luck and telling them to head to Tacoma, following the signs when they got there.

The intention here was for teams to take this as a cue to head back to their cars, upon which they would discover another surprise. ParkLight was nowhere to be seen, and all of the team vehicles were gone, stranding them in Seattle. All that was left at the street corner where they had valeted their vans was a street preacher, rather coincidentally warning anyone who would listen about the dangers of the Illuminati.

The preacher, as teams listened to her, had a single monologue which she repeated endlessly. The script of that monologue is as follows.

My friends! Dark days are at hand! Great terrible masters rule our nation and the world. It is up to us to catch them. This trash, this terrible garbage towers high, high! We've let it accumulate too long! It's our kitchen, my friends; it's our house. We gotta bus those dishes, we gotta dust that floor, we gotta clean out the trash. We gotta overthrow those villains. Our route is clear! As Stewart 594 says, 'we must leave behind all that is not worthy on the path to illumination. We must go from the darkness, past the 9th door, and into the light!' So says Stewart! Heed my words! For if you do not, you will be lost. You will be a puppet at the hands of the puppet masters. Pinocchio to a dark and evil Giopetto. Get out of the darkness! Get off your butt! Get into the light! The darkness at its worst, it's deadly. The first time, it won't kill you. And, the second time, it won't kill you. The third time, you may feel a little ill. And the 10th time, it will kill you. And you'll be dead. You weak boys and girls, who commerce with each other and dally behind the barn. You will never see it coming. You must move. You must be strong. You must find the light!

With nothing but the Preacher's message and the materials they carried with them, teams were underway, and had to find their way to the right place in Tacoma.

Note: This clue is not solvable in written form.

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