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Clue 10: Centralia Art Farm

Clue Design: Nick
Clue Development: Nick
Clue Construction: Nick, Jennifer B., Paul

The Centralia Art Farm is an outdoor art gallery of the works of Richart, a rather eccentric artist who creates art out of everyday objects. While teams weren't intended to meet Richart himself, they were able to walk around the gallery and look at the art before picking up a CD left for them near the front entrance.

The CD consisted of 28 voice tracks, as follows. (Note that the current version of this puzzle is buggy and cannot be deterministically solved. A fixed version may be propagated here someday.)

  1. You begin this campaign with 50 influence and unlimited funds, and the corporation has 50 dollars. Go to 17.
  2. You're in the system, and now you've got options. Your session will last until you next return to 17. If this is not your first session, go to 26. Otherwise, to go dig up dirt on the company, go to 20. To go after their finances, go to 14. If you're done here, log out and return to 17.
  3. Sneaking behind the receptionist's desk during the afternoon coffee break, you see his network password written on a sticky note stuck to his monitor. You've now got a network password. Better get out safely with it before you're spotted. Return to 17 and continue your operation.
  4. The board of directors of the company has decided that they can't sink any more money into PR. Congratulations! Note that you've now won a PR war, gain 20 influence, then go back to 17 to continue your operation.
  5. Over the course of this operation, the company has been generating money. If you have successfully completed an electronic attack on their finances, add 2 dollars for each step you have taken in your operation, including this one. If you have completed an electronic attack and successfully won a PR war, add 1 dollar for each step instead, including this one. Otherwise, add 4 dollars for each step including this one. Then go to 16.
  6. Time to try and hack your way into their systems to see what you can find. If you've already got an access password, skip to 2. Otherwise, go to 7 to crack into their systems.
  7. Like any large corporation, their systems are weak in one critical way - people on the inside that can't be trusted. If you want to buy your way in, go to 15. If you want to call in a favor, go to 19.
  8. Time to try and break into HQ and see what you can accomplish there. If this is your first time attempting to enter HQ, pay the corporation $2 for a parking pass. Then, if this is at least your third time here, go to 11. Otherwise go to 10.
  9. Lucky for you, you've got her personnel file and know that she has quite a number of skeletons in her closet. She also knows that you've got the PR necessary to expose her. Threatening her with exposure, she decides she'd better let you go, but the damage is done - the scene created has made people wonder about you. You've lost two-thirds of your influence (round down if necessary). Return to 17 and see if you can recover.
  10. Wandering into their HQ, you're surprised at how easy it is to get inside, only costing you a dollar for parking (which, of course, goes into their bankroll). There are tons of friendly employees around, many of whom are a little disgruntled about the company. Want to do some schmoozing? Go to 24. Want to snoop around for anything useful? Go to 3.
  11. As soon as the guard spots you, you can sense trouble in the look of recognition in her eyes. "What exactly do you think you're doing here?" she asks, in a menacing voice. If you've got the personnel files and have started a PR War, go to 9. Otherwise, 23.
  12. The war is on! If the corporation has less than 5 dollars at this point, go to 4. Otherwise, launch another negative blitz by going to 28.
  13. Unfortunately, you do not wield sufficient influence with the company for a takeover. Your mission is a failure.
  14. You've found their financial files! A quick little bit of bit twiddling and the company's budget has been cut in half (round down if necessary - nobody keeps track of coins anymore!). Note that you've completed a successful electronic attack on their finances, then go back to 2 to continue your explorations of their system.
  15. You've found a VP whose division isn't performing, and he gives you access in exchange for cash. The company now has 30 more dollars, but you're in. Go to 2.
  16. If you have more influence than the company has money at this point, go to 21. Otherwise, go to 13.
  17. You've got three initiatives you can undertake for this operation. You can begin a PR Campaign by going to 22, an Online Attack by going to 6, or a Physical Infiltration by going to 8. Note that you can abort an initiative at any time by returning directly to this point. For your final takeover attempt, go to 27.
  18. Your efforts have driven the company into bankruptcy, and thus there is no value to taking over any longer. Your operation is a failure.
  19. One of their network admins is an old friend of yours that owes you a favor. Spend 15 influence to get into their systems. Go to 2.
  20. You've found the personnel files - you never know when this might come in handy. Go back to 2 to continue hacking the system.
  21. Congratulations! You have successfully controlled the company. Multiply the amount of influence that you now have by the company's current funds, then subtract the Roman medium that you are listening to. To whom was this number good enough?
  22. Good idea - a lot of what keeps this company going is public confidence; undermining this should help soften them up for takeover. Note that you've now begun a PR war, and then go to 12.
  23. You're caught - turns out she's been watching you every time you've come into HQ and knows what you're up to. She exposes you to their management, and you're lucky to escape criminal charges. Lose all of your influence, then return to 17 to see if you can salvage the situation.
  24. Talking up the employees, you've got them feeling pretty darned good about you. Of course, they don't know what you're up to, but they still are developing trust in you. You've gained 175 influence! You need to get out before you get spotted by security, though, so head back to 17 and continue your operation.
  25. Your influence with the company has become too apparent and a takeover attempt at this time would put you into the public eye. Unfortunately, you must abort this operation.
  26. Uh oh, they've been expecting you this time, and you've been caught. Of course, to them, you're just another punk hacker having a good time. You're going to have to pay a $100 fine that goes straight into their bank account to get free, but then you can return to 17 and start again.
  27. Making your takeover attempt. If you have more than 100 Influence, go to 25. If not, but the company has no money or is in debt, go to 18. Otherwise, 5.
  28. Your efforts are being fought off, but not without consequences. The corporation spends 1 dollar to fend off your latest efforts. Return to 12 to see how the war is progressing.

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