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CEHJNPU: 100%! But keep going.

PNJCEHU: Good…but did you read tip #2?

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They are handed 3 copies of the "exam" on paper (all identical), stapled. They are then handed a second sheet of paper (3per team) that is the testing sheet.


There are three main portions of the puzzle:

  1. Getting the correct answers on the exam

  2. Ordering the exam answers correctly

  3. Pulling the final answers from the correctly ordered exam answers

Getting the correct answers on the exam

  • Locate the test sheet labeled "Fabrikamp Spirit Assessment"

![Machine generated alternative text: Fabrikam S.P.I-R]-T- Assessment Congratulations, Ea>rjKampers! By now you've made it through the S.P.I.R.I.T. guide, and it's time to test how well you can now follow the EaÄriKamp steps to S.P.I.R.I.T. Make sure to check your work and revisit the text for any discrepancies! Question 1. Teams that have well-written cheers are the only teams that: A. Have an enjoyable time B. Get laughed at C. Consistently achieve victory Question 2. While coordinating your routine, teams must find an appropriate practicing location. These locations do not include: D Large open spaces E. Inconvenient pieces of furniture, such as a table F. Convenience to water available for consumption Question 3. In the event of needing to "spice up" a routine, you may not: G. Place mats in the surrounding area to avoid injury H. Throw teammates into the air with surprising force l. Use spirit fingers throughout the performance Question 4. Sometimes its hard to get along with teammates, but it can be made easier! For example, A Libra should gravitate towards J. Geminis K. Capricorns L. Leos Question 5. Mascots are ideal additions to masterfully spirited teams. Mascot costumes can have: M. Sharp claws N. Fluffy outer layer Question 6. Its great to dress uniformly so others can identify your team as one unit. Which of these are inappropriate modes of dress: P. Casual roman wear Q Bandanas of the team color R Shorts and t-shirts Question 7. A good team celebrates spirit s recommend: S. Delicious dogs of sausage T. Sweet barbecue baked beans with snacG! We do not U. Yummy chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow treats ](../../media/image33.png)

  • Each question has three possible answers with an alphabetical letter associated with it.

  • Solvers should first recognize that each question/answer can be found within the text in almost identical phrasing

  • Once they find the phrase in the text, the correct answer should be with it in the text, but slightly paraphrased zt

  • The paraphrased piece of text as well as the letter associated with the correct answer are the two important pieces of information

  • Solvers should be able to enter the correct answers into Spiderdoge for a partial to check their answers

QuestionText LocationParaphrased PieceCorrect Answer Letter
1Page 4, Paragraph 3wonC
2Page 5, Bullet PointshutchE
3Page 6, Paragraph 1heaveH
4Page 7-8, Last/First ParagraphaveryJ
5Page 10, Paragraph 2furN
6Page 11, Paragraph 1togaP
7Page 11, Paragraph 3smoreU

Ordering the exam answers correctly

  • Solvers should see that the Additional Resource Materials (A.R.M.s) give instructions for how to use their right and left arms in a semaphore

  • ALL SEMAPHORES ARE "MIRRORED" SINCE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO CHEER IT OUT TO THEIR TEAM AS PER TIP #1 - have your arms in that position, face a team member, that team member can read the letter.


Left arm up,

Right out


Left down 45 degrees,

Right down 45 degrees

3Left out 90 degrees,
Right up above head
4Left straight down,
Right 45 degrees up
5Left 45 degrees up,
Right straight down

Left 45 down across body,

Right straight out


Right 45 up,

Left 45 up

  • The letters they get are the same letters as the correct answer letters. They should use this order to reorder their paraphrased words.

Pulling out the correct answer

  • Reorder your paraphrased words based on the semaphore letters:
Paraphrased WordLetter
  • Read it out loud like a mad gabb really fast: "TOGAFUR AVERYWON HUTCHHEAVES MORE"

  • Answer: Together Everyone Achieves More


  • Typos/Spelling/Grammar doesn't matter

  • For loose easy hints after the exam part is finished, point them to the "T is for Tips" page

    • Literally everything that is key to the second part of the puzzle and getting the solution (use of Additional Resource Materials, mirroring the semaphore, reading things out loud) is found on the tips page.
  • Getting the semaphore but not mirroring:

    • Tip #1
  • Getting the right exam answers but nothing else: "Are there any differences in your answers and the text?"

  • Doing anything with the exam letters instead of moving on to part 2: "Looks like you're done with the exam for now. Maybe you should go back to the text and additional resource materials?"

  • Have the correct order and the correct words but not saying things out loud:

    • Tip #2

Changes Since Beta/RC:

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