Really Big Sign


Jamie Eckman



Partial Answers

REQUEST PAINT: That's a good idea. Is there someone you can ask about that?

DO TWO OR MORE FACES: That's a good idea. Keep going!

SHOW STAFF: That's a good idea. Keep going!

TWO GREEN WAVES: You're on the right track.

2 GREEN WAVES: You're on the right track.

FIVE RED DOTS: You're on the right track.

5 RED DOTS: You're on the right track.

ONE BLUE STAR: You're on the right track.

1 BLUE STAR: You're on the right track.

Each of the following should also give the response "You're on the right track.":


GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


The puzzle is a really big sign. There will be a few staff standing near the sign.


Counselors are always happy to help Do-over Microsof+ RPG ? image edi+or mss/ ons. orbihal rock mqsica/ Environmen+a/ly Ntdhlber Conscious Of eyes ooeN For biClops Storm cen+er drop V br4J1d Ylane front 360 Samrovl spokesman Sounds like Bond ac+or Wrestling good guys Wizard's stage cane

The sign contains a series of crossword clues arranged into three phrases and one large apparently disorganized field of additional clues. The three phrases and the field are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  1. This is the first phrase.

Do-Over RPG Missions?: REQUEST

Windows Image Editor: PAINT

Teams should REQUEST PAINT from a camp counselor, who will give them a set of colored grease pencils.

  1. This is the field of clues. There are three groups of circled clues and several clues not circled.

Uncircled clues:

Lepus Homonym: HAIR

Original Rock Musical: HAIR

Storm Center: EYE

Potato Spot: EYE

Plane Front: NOSE

Airborne Oscillation Detector: EAR

Corn Unit: EAR

Sauron Spokesman: MOUTH

First Circled Clues:

Number of Eyes for Biclops: TWO

Environmentally Conscious: GREEN

Ocean Motions: WAVES

Second Circled Clues:


Eric Forman's Dad: RED

Gum Drop Brand: DOTS

Third Circled Clues:

360 Successor: ONE


Celebrity: STAR

Teams should note that the uncircled clues are all parts of a face, and are appropriately arranged in the shape of a face. Further, the circled clues are on the forehead and each cheek. The circled clues describe a number, color, and shape to be drawn on that portion of the face.

  1. This is the second phrase.

"while" Mate, Sometimes: DO

Sounds Like Bond Actor Roger: MORE

Wrestling Good Guys: FACES

Teams should paint at least two of their team member's faces as described in step 2.

  1. This is the third phrase.

It's on TV or the stage: SHOW

Wizard's Magical Cane: STAFF

Teams should show a staff member their painted faces. The staff member will verify the requirements and say, "You look fabulous!" while handing them a slip of paper that says "FABULOUS" on it.


Answers to specific clues can be given if the team is really having trouble.

Changes Since Beta/RC:

Nothing significant; a small number of clue changes.