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Teams are given a "promotional" pamphlet and are left alone in a room with the robo-counselor


This is inspired by - they need to figure out how to express themselves using only the most common English words.

Teams should activate RoboCounselor by saying "RoboCounselor" and then asking a question. To receive a useful answer, the question asked needs to follow 2 rules.

1 - Only contains words in the vocabulary set

2 - Is logically equivalent to one of the sample questions.

Questions which violate these rules receive one of a set of stock responses

  • Not a question - " I only respond to questions. Do you even know what a question is?"

  • Contains a word not in the vocab set - "Your question does not make sense"/"Does not compute"

  • Staff is not able to understand what the team is saying - "I am sorry, I did not understand what you asked, please ask again"

  • Question is not one of the sample questions - "I was not programmed to answer stupid questions"/"Do you really expect me to know everything"

Can we go swimming tomorrow?Can we go play in the water tomorrow?FabriKamp offers a variety of excellent activities every day, and we can accommodate any activity you ask for.
I sliced my finger, do you have a band-aid?I cut my finger, do you have a clean cover?FabriKamp has the highest quality medical facilities, what did you do to injure your finger?
Will my parents send me a care package?Will my parents send me a care box?FabriKamp cannot control what your family chooses to do, however I always check the official mail boxes everyday
Has anyone ever drowned in the lake?Has anyone ever died in the big water?Since FarbriKamp was founded on the principles of safety, we can assure you that no campers have ever been injured due FabriKamp fault.
Do we all really have to wear the official camp uniform?Do we all really have to wear the given set of clothes?Official FabriKamp uniforms are designed to maximize camper comfort
Where can I find the latrine?Where can I find the bathroom?We have exceptional facilities at FabriKamp and there are toilets located by each group’s campsite.
What was summer camp like when you were a kid?What was summer fun group time like when you were young?During my childhood, FabriKamp wasn’t founded yet, and so I had a terrible experience at camp.
When can I go home?When can I go to my house?The creators of FabriKamp designed several programs of varying length which are each so great you won’t ever want to go home.
Will there be pancakes for breakfast?Will there be round flat breakfast food for breakfast?We have many excellent meals planned for our campers every day, please refer to the official FabriKamp menu for details about any specific date.
Can I have my iPhone back?Can I have my cell phone back?We at FabriKamp strive ourselves on creating a traditional camp experience for all campers, and so do not permit personal technology devices.

In giving the response to each question, RoboCounselor stutters on one word (bolded in the table). Ordering these words based on the order of the sample questions yields:

"Ask what I was designed by my creators to do"

Note that directly asking this to robocounselor won't yield anything useful as both "designed" and "creators" are not in the vocabulary.

An example translation might be "What were you made for by your parents to do?"

To this RoboCounselor responds "As an integral aspect of every camper's FabriKamp experience I was manufactured to maximize camper safety, satisfaction, and enjoyme-profit, profit, profit, profit"

And indeed PROFIT is the answer.

If teams continue to ask robocounselor questions after reaching this stage, she will only respond with "profit"


Common places where teams struggle / suggestions for hinting them through it.

Changes Since Beta/RC:


  • Re-wording of flavor text

  • Moved pancakes down in the question order


  • Changed box to a mannequin head