Please Sir, May I Have S'more?





Partial Answers

DISNEY PRINCESS: Keep Going. What cookie was this attached to?

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams will walk into Camp Northwind's s'more-fest, complete with campfires, s'more ingredients, pamphlets on how to make the perfect s'more, and a table with camp counselors labelled "S'mores Masters."


Step 1: Interns make s'mores.

Step 2: Interns turn in s'mores to S'mores master.

Step 3: S'mores Master will give cookie/point to cookie box as reply. The cookie given corresponds to the number of correct elements for that team (Red/Tagalong = 0 correct, Orange/Do-si-dos = 1 correct… Purple/Samoa = 5 correct). Each team has a different answer s'more composed of certain ingredients.

Step 4: When submitting a completely correct s'more, they will receive a Samoa with the answer tied around it.

Essentially it's mastermind. Each team will have a different correct combination of ingredients.


Some of the ingredients are subtle: the top and bottom graham cracker are separate ingredients, and the doneness of the marshmallow is an ingredient.

What is their process when they are submitting s'mores? Are they isolating one ingredient at a time?

What way does the judgement seem to progress (i.e. to purple)?

Changes Since Beta/RC:

Since Beta:

  • Added score card to pamphlet

  • Added Samoas hint to pamphlet

  • Fully attached answer hint to the cookie and added better intermediate answer

Since RC:

  • None


Answers S'mores--

2legit2quitRegular, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamLightly ToastedStrawberry
All I Do Is Win32Regular, ChocolateCrunchUntoastedRegular
DJ Glitter LizardChocolate, CinnamonCrunchLightly ToastedRegular
Doki Doki Lit-erature ClubChocolate, CinnamonHersheyHeavily ToastedRegular
DynamosRegular, CinnamonCrunchLightly ToastedCoconut
East? I thought you said Weast!?!?Regular, CinnamonHersheyUntoastedCoconut
Five Guys [=]Regular, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamLightly ToastedCoconut
FliewatüütRegular, ChocolateCrunchHeavily ToastedRegular
From Glum Bums to Dumb ChumsRegular, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamUntoastedRegular
FudgebucketsChocolate, CinnamonCrunchUntoastedCoconut
JerryWithAGChocolate, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamLightly ToastedRegular
Joe & Co.Chocolate, CinnamonHersheyLightly ToastedCoconut
Late Night Go-st StoriesRegular, CinnamonCrunchUntoastedRegular
LinkedIn ParkChocolate, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamHeavily ToastedRegular
Love SmugglersChocolate, CinnamonCrunchLightly ToastedCoconut
Mystery Inc.Chocolate, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamHeavily ToastedRegular
Paper Pony GangChocolate, CinnamonCrunchUntoastedRegular
Rest AzuredChocolate, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamLightly ToastedRegular
RootSpooNewt and The Garden ToolsChocolate, CinnamonCrunchHeavily ToastedRegular
t-squadChocolate, CinnamonHersheyHeavily ToastedRegular
TBEChocolate, CinnamonHersheyHeavily ToastedStrawberry
Team BobaRegular, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamHeavily ToastedStrawberry
The Sloth RunnersChocolate, CinnamonCrunchUntoastedRegular
VeggieNuggetsChocolate, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamLightly ToastedRegular
WatermelonsRegular, CinnamonReese's/Cookies & CreamHeavily ToastedRegular

Possible Elements:

  1. Top Graham Cracker

  2. Bottom Graham Cracker

  3. Marshmallow flavor

  4. Marshmallow cooked level

  5. Chocolate

Staff Script

[When a camper approaches]

"So this is for…" + Insert team name

[Wait for confirmation]

[If follows actual s'more creation rules]

"It looks like we have..

[Top graham cracker]

… a chocolate graham cracker,

… a cinnamon graham cracker,

… a regular graham cracker,

[Bottom graham cracker]

… a chocolate graham cracker,

… a cinnamon graham cracker,

… a regular graham cracker,


…a crunch bar,

…a Reese's cup,

…a cookie's and cream Hershey bar,

…a Hershey bar,

[Marshmallow toasted level]

…and an untoasted…

…and a lightly toasted…

…and a heavily toasted…

[Marshmallow type]

…Coconut marshmallow.

…Regular marshmallow.

…Strawberry marshmallow.

…Is this correct?"

[Wait for confirmation]

[If never received the type of cookie]

"Here have a cookie."

[If team already received that cookie]

"I already gave you that cookie." (point to cookie box of result)

[If Samoa/winning answer]

"Here, have my favorite cookie."

[If not a valid s'more or does not have valid s'more components]

"I don't think you know how to make a s'more."

[If they try to submit a s'more after getting a Samoa]

"It seems that you are already a s'mores master."