Patrick Fenelon



Partial Answers

HoldToSun: Keep Going

Ignition: Before proceeding, please find a camp counselor

OpenThat: Double check your work, you decoded the letter "A" incorrectly.

OpenTheT : Keep Going, "Open The T"

RisesFromAshes: Keep Going

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


**A copy of this puzzle exists in GC**

Teams will see a pile of laser cut wooden pieces (bound with twine), and a base with pegs sticking out of it. Some of the puzzle pieces are 2 layered and some have pegs sticking out of them.


Teams should cut or unwrap the twine to get all the pieces.

Then teams should attempt to assemble the puzzle.

Things teams should notice to make assembly easier:

  • The puzzle is 3 layers + the base

    • The base has "This Side Down" and "Read Other Side" printed on the bottom, this is a clue for teams to but that part down and read braille from the other side of the puzzle. Teams have many times attempted to read from the bottom of the puzzle.
  • The wood grain will match between correct pieces. The degree of grain varies between puzzles

  • Assembling the corner pieces with 2 holes in them is the easiest way to start

  • The "Camp Northwind Firestarter Kit" logo on the front of layer 3 should make assembly easier because it puts together a large part of the last layer

Once a team has the puzzle together, there are 2 things to extract:

  • The phrase "Hold To Sun" cut in braille along the top row in layer 3 (top layer) of the puzzle

    • This is a clue to look for holes that go all the way through the board
  • The phrase "Open The T" in braille. This requires looking for holes that go all 4 layers through the puzzle. It is illustrated in layer 1 of the puzzle below but you must imagine layers 1-3 stacked to get the answer.

If they get "Open", they should pry open the "T" piece and inside is the clue below

Inside the "T" they should see instructions to enter "Ignition" for next step. They may call GC, and should be directed to find staff on site.

The next step is to un-cover the match strike pad underneath the small strip of paper and use the matches in the piece to light the white flash paper on fire.

The clue they should get will be "Rises from Ashes"

From this clue they should get the final answer "PHOENIX"


  • The place to "break" into the assembly is to ensure you have the corners of the first layer (in red) right. Once you have that together, it's pretty easy to solve the rest.

  • All pieces with pegs in them are oriented such that the peg goes up.

  • The "T" piece should just pry apart, it is not glued together, just press fit with wooden dowels.

Changes Since Beta/RC:

The phrase "Hold To Sun" was added on the front of layer 3

The "T" piece now has a token wrapped in flash pape


Here are the puzzle layers, some pieces are bonded together between layers. This means that the shape in layer 1 might be attached to the shape above it in layer 2. The bonded layers are noted in the images below. There are a total of 6 "bonded" pairs, teams will probably identify these pairs as 1 piece.

The large holes are where pegs go through from one layer to another. The bottom-most layer with each peg is where the peg is attached and it faces up. All pieces with pegs in them are oriented such that the peg goes up.

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