Camp Facts!

QR Code Preview


  1. Open up the Camera/QR Code App

  2. Point it this way


  1. Text CAMPFACTS to 4158436744





Partial Answers

GOLD: Maybe somebody else wants that.

CATMEMESPLZ: Well don't send them here!

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


At the beginning of the event, there are QR codes and posters all around asking users to sign up for Camp Facts! The fun text messaging mailing list that provides them with random updates throughout the day with interesting Camp Facts!


Phase 1 - Sign-Up/CampFacts! Basic:

  • Teams arrive at location and scan poster with QR code and then text CAMPFACTS to the number to signup

  • Each person starts receiving texted images every 30 seconds.

  • The images each contain a single capital letter which spell out SENDGOLD

Phase 2 - Referral:

  • Teams text GOLD back and are given a referral code. The need to gather at least 4 people on their team in order to activate a gold subscription.

  • Team members texting a referral code will be added to the other team.

  • One teams get enough members, they will be told to text GO to activate.

Phase 3 - CampFacts! Gold:

  • Once activated, a random member of the team will received a random CampFact! every five seconds.

    • E.g. Camp Northwind Fact #23: Camp Northwind sees an average of 1500 campers every summer! Sent 12:23:16 AM
  • The Fact# is used as an index into the fact text to pull out a letter (excluding punctuation and spaces). The sent time is used as a way to ensure there is a proper ordering regardless of SMS delivery delays.

  • The extracted letters give CATMEMESPLZ and just loops.

  • Texting a cat meme back notifies them that they have been entered in the CampFacts! Meme contest. The image is scanned and if a cat meme is detected, they are given the answer STAHP PLZ to submit to Spiderdog


  • Phase 1:

    • Is there anything unique about the images?
  • Phase 2

    • There's no puzzle here, just follow the directions.
  • Phase 3:

    • Is there an obvious way to order the facts?

    • Do you think that the info everyone is getting is related?

    • The fact numbers don't match up with the facts!

      • The numbers and the facts aren't unique, is there something else you can do with the number?

      • How are you indexing into the fact? Should you be ignoring any characters (like spaces)?

      • If teams have the wrong letter but the right extraction method they may have transcribed something wrong so just tell them to verify the clue text.


This Imgur gallery contains the full set of images that are returned during Phase 1:

This set contains two images for each letter of SENDGOLD. The two images are functionally identical and exist only to help avoid text message SPAM filtering stuff.

The following is the complete set of facts:

All extractions are done using a 1 based index, and exclude all spaces and punctuation. The fact and index are randomly selected so you will see the same fact used for many different letters, and the same index used on many facts.