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Partial Answers

LOWCLEF: Keep going

GC Notes:

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Teams see a 7 foot diameter rotating fishing game, and are handed a fishing pole with instructions on how to fish (don't get too close to the contraption, only fish one fish at a time, take only one clue out of a fish). The fish are modified two-liter bottles. There are 21 fish in 7 distinct colors. Fishing up a fish allows the team to retrieve a clue inside the fish. For RC, these clues are little rolled-up scrolls inside the bottles.

The clues are:

Blueshoe part [3]
Blue_ _ [_] _
Blueone and only [3]
Greensit on something high or narrow [4]
Greenbird seat [4]
Green_ _ _ [_] _
Indigoinfantry pole weapon [4]
Indigo_ _ _ [_]
Indigodiving or gymnastics position [4]
Orange_ [_] _ _ _ _ _
Orangeabstract expressionist painter [2]
Orange2000 Ed Harris movie [2]
Redpast participle of 'smell' [4]
Red_ _ _ [_] _
Redextract metal from ore [4]
Violet[_] _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Violetstruggle in mud or water [1]
Violethave difficulty [1]
YellowUVA student [1]
Yellow[_] _ _ _ _
Yellowexclamation of joy [1]


Key insights:

  • There are 7 colors of fish, ROYGBIV.

  • There are exactly 3 fish per color.

  • All 3 clues for a particular fish are cluing the same word: two different crossword clues and one clue that provides an enumeration (word length).

  • Because all 3 clues are for a single word, the team should not need to retrieve all 21 fish clues in order to figure out the answer.

  • The clues are somewhat vague, but can be definitively answered if the team realizes that every clue is cluing a word that is also a type of fish.

  • Answers are:

  • Clues also define a letter extraction, signified with square brackets. When read in rainbow order, team receives the partial LOWCLEF. This should be read as two words: LOW CLEF.

  • This is a recursive fish clue (although using a lazy homonym this time): BASS, which is the final answer.



Changes Since Beta/RC:

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