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Partial Answers

TSLIINYYTATA -> Keep Going. In what order were these letters served?

Tasty in Italy -> Keep Going.

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


When teams arrive:

  1. Greeted by staff

  2. Shown the demonstration table by staff (described below for GC, not explicitly called out by staff)

    1. Cup: contains a lemon slice on top of ice, floating in water.

    2. Bowl: a couple slices of cucumber sitting in salad dressing on top of lettuce.

    3. Small Plate: chocolate syrup poured over a candy (hard peppermint for Beta & RC), sitting on top of a cookie.

    4. Large Plate: One or two slices of bread next to (slightly in/on) some tomato sauce that's been poured over pasta <spaghetti>.

  1. Given the following:

    1. A cafeteria tray stickered with event logo and their team name

    2. 1 set of 4 dishes (each of the cup, bowl, small plate, and large plate have a vertical sticker on the outside with 3 dotted circles and a watermark event logo)

    3. 1 set of food stickers (12 different emoji each on a .75" circular label, in the same order as flavor text)

    4. 3 copies of the flavor text (event logo, name of puzzle, list of 12 emoji, 2 sentences)

      1. "As seen on the demonstration table, today's lunch consists of the following:"

      2. "Please use the stickers to label your dishes and bring them to the service window."

    1. 1 copy of the allergen information [NOT A PUZZLE]
  1. Shown the service window (location) by staff

  2. Encouraged to find a place to work.


As a team solves:

  1. The team adds 3 food stickers to each dish (on the pre-stickered dishes)

  2. The team brings all of the empty labeled dishes to the service window on their tray

  3. The staff fills the dishes based on the stickers. There are two catches:

    1. The stickers don't correspond to the food you'd expect: for instance, the tomato icon is lettuce, not tomato sauce.

    2. The items are added to the plate in order: the top sticker goes first, then the middle, then the bottom. This is important because (for instance) the tomato sauce goes on top of the pasta, not vice versa.

  1. The team is called up to retrieve their tray.

  2. The team deciphers the data, attempting to determine which sticker maps to which ingredient, so that they can get the right ingredient in the correct order in the correct dish.

  3. The team loops to step 1 as needed. If they get any ingredients in the correct position, the staff will write a letter on the correct sticker.

  4. The team re-arranges the acquired letters if needed (from top dish to bottom dish in the order new dishes arrive)

  5. The team translates "tasty" into Italian based upon the extracted phrase "Tasty in Italy"

Teams submit the answer.


No hinting was required at Beta or RC.

  • Help them figure out that a given sticker always turns into the same ingredient.

  • Revisit the demonstration table?

    • If they don't know what to do at all.

    • Or if they seem to think they have the right order, but there's an error.

  • Order matters

    • Have they tried reversing the order of some stickers while keeping them on the same dish?

    • How might they orient the dishes? Answer: using the event logo

  • Look for a dish that has letters that seem like they might start a word. How would you continue that sequence? Specifically, stacking like the dishes arrive or how they are presented on the demonstration table will force the correct sequence of letters.

Common places where teams struggle / suggestions for hinting them through it.

  • May misread "in Italy" as "initially"

Changes Since Beta/RC:

  • Dishes are filled in reverse order compared to Beta (now filled with top item first)

  • Mappings have changed since Beta

  • No changes since RC


  • Emoji->ingredient mapping

  • Correct sticker -> letter mapping

  • Stacking order for new dishes

Staff steps from the instructions:

  1. Staff validates the stickers for basic rules (3 stickers per dish on the circles, all 4 dishes are different and clean)

  2. Staff tells the team to return to their table, then takes the tray and disappears into the kitchen.

  3. Staff checks if any of the stickers are correct (correct sticker in correct location on correct dish).

    1. (Orientation is determined by event logo on the sticker)

    2. If so, then a specific letter will be written next to each correct sticker.

  1. Staff carefully fills each of the dishes as determined by the stickers (top sticker first, then middle, then bottom goes in last)

    1. The dish filling must occur in the correct order (without spilling) such that teams may determine said order.
  1. Staff places the filled dishes back on the tray.

  2. Staff adds a set of clean dishes to the tray, including a new set of food stickers.