No Matter Where You Go There You Are





Partial Answers

CAMPERS: Keep going

PORTABLE: Keep going

BEDSACK: Keep going

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


They will get a three copies of a map, three copies of a transparency compass (the compass will be smaller than shown below), and one copy of a data collection sheet. The compass will have a clear hole in the middle that is the same size as the black dots on the map. The "camp northwind" is to make sure the interns don't flip the compass around.

Welcome Orienteers We've created this course specially for you. If you get stuck, do not forget your orienteering basics. Have fun



  1. They need to go to each of the black dots on the map. There they will see a wooden post with a laminated piece of paper on top, horizontal to the ground. The paper will be a black square with either a white square, pentagon, or hexagon. On each paper, there will be a compass with a number in the middle, only one animal on it, and a blue "N" representing where North is. The animal will be on one of the 16 directions. An example of each is below. They should leave the post where it is and record the four pieces of information: shape, animal, orientation of animal (aka what direction the animal is pointing to), and number on the data collection sheet. The very last number will NOT have an animal on it. It represents the terminal marker. A completed data collection sheet is also below with the letter that should be deduced from each marker in red. For a complete map with the shape, animal, number, and orientation, see the map below. I added colors just so I can see things easier where orange = square, green = pentagon, blue = hexagon. The interns do not need the colors.

  1. Each shape represents a word with the number of sides representing order. Square is word one, pentagon is word two, and hexagon is word three.

  2. Each path between two numbers represents a letter in the word (you could also think of this as each black point with an animal and direction represents a letter). The terminal points do not have animals on them. The animal is pointing towards the next point in the word. Animal on square post number 1 is pointing to animal on square post number 2. Etc.

  3. The key is to align the compass you have in the same way as shown on the post and to see which animal is pointing north. The first letter of the northward animal is the letter to record.

  4. To get the first word, take the compass and align the center with black dot associated with the square with a 1 on it. The animal associated with that point is an tiger and it is pointing We. If they rotate the compass on the map so that the tiger is in the same direction they saw on the post (west), they will see that the tiger is pointing towards the black dot with a square and number 2 on it. Additionally, they will see that a camel is the animal pointing north. Record with word camel.

Continue in this manner with each black dot, animal, direction combo. The animals that point north are camel, ant, mouse, pig, eagle, rhino, spider . Taking the first letter of each animal gives the word campers.

  1. Continue in this manner for the next two words. For word two (pentagon), you get pig, owl, rhino, tiger, ant, bat, lion, elephant. For word three (hexagon), you get bat, eagle, duck, snake, ant, camel, koala. In total, you get "campers portable bedsack".

  2. The answer is sleeping bag.


Because there are not the same number of letters in each word (this is purposeful), the interns should not be trying to align all the points with the same numbers (aka all three 1s do not go together).

They should realize that the animals are in the direction of the next number for that shape.

If they can't figure out that north is important, ask them if they read the introduction at the top that hints at orienteering. Orienteering deals with figuring out where north is and figuring out where you want to go from that.

If they still can't figure out that north is important, ask them if they see anything else on the map that doesn't look like it's from the satellite image. They should see the blue compass. This is to hint that directions are important.

Changes Since Beta/RC:

I added a data collection sheet and changed the clue/answer.


Completed map and data sheet:

Welcome Orienteers We've created this course specially for you. If you get stuck, do not forget your orienteering basics. Have fun 8, , Hex 5, Koala, Pent 4, Bat;Pent 6, Butterfly, 2, Rhino, Hex 6, Mouse, Pent 7, Spider, Pent 7, Camel, Hex 1, Tiger, 5, owl, Hex s, Ant, 3, Duck, sa 1, Tiger, Hex 3, Pig, Hex 1, Elephant, Pent 4, Snake, Sa 4, Ant, Hex 2, Rhino, Pent 6, Duck, Hex 3, , Pent

Elephant (E) Snake (S) Rhino (R) Tiger (T) Duck (D) Eagle (E) Owl 冖 0 一 Lion (L) Ant (A) Ant (A) Bat (B) Pig (P)

WSW WSW WSW NNE NW ENE W W W Mouse (M) Camel (C) Camel (C) Spider(S) Rhino (R) Koala (K) Eagle (E) Ant (A) Bat (B) Pig (P)