Partial Answers

SEMICOLON: At the end of the word, you will find the answer.

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Players will be instructed to sing the camp song as part of a mandatory camp morale event. Upon failing to do so or singing the Northwind one, they will be given a series of papers, told that there is a new song based on the rebranding effort by Fabrikamp.

The series of papers are: (1) A memo about the new and old lyrics, (2) the Camp Northwind Song lyrics, and (3) the new Fabrikamp song lyrics.


The first part of the puzzle is an acrostic within the Northwind lyrics. To figure out which words to pay attention to, you need to look at the Fabrikamp lyrics. Upon inspection, you can notice a series of word pairings that are similar to each other between the two lyric sets. They are as follows (three per stanza, one per line, always the last three lines):

(Northwind - Fabrikamp)

Sunset - Mindset

Energy - Synergy

Meals - Appeals

Individually - Intellectually

Curiosity - Diversity

Ornithology - Methodology

Learn - Earn

Outside - Outsource

Nurture - Nature

When looking at the first letter of the words in the Northwind lyrics, you will see the word SEMICOLON

Entering that in to Spiderdoggo will give you "At the end of the word, you will find the answer." When looking at the words that have semicolon's touching them, they are positioned as follows:

Stanza 1fro;Investor;
Stanza 2Review;
Stanza 3Everywhere;Toil; grateful;

Based on the partial, look at the end of the word (where the semicolon is touching the word) and you will see ORWELL spelled out between Northwind and Fabrikamp, reading left to right, top to bottom.


  • Tell them to list out the word pairings they find interested (esp. in the order they found them in the lyrics)

Changes Since Beta/RC:

Since Beta,

  1. Minor lyrical changes to remove certain ambiguities

  2. The things listed in the "Since RC" section

Since RC,

  1. We have bundled both sets of lyrics together to be given at the same time

  2. We added a new cover sheet ("memo") to the lyric sheet bundle to hopefully avoid some pitfalls (hinting at listing out the similar words).

  3. We made the intermediate step--what you get back from answering "semicolon"--more explicit.



<<Camp Northwind Song.pdf>>

<<Fabrikamp Song.pdf>>