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Ben Andrews






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FIRST FOUR LETTERS OFNAME AREFOUND INTHIS GAME: Almost there! Those four letters are a character from a popular mobile video game... have you tried searching for them?

FIRSTFOURLETTERSOFNAMEAREFOUNDINTHISGAME: Almost there! Those four letters are a character from a popular mobile video game... have you tried searching for them?

JYNX: Almost there! Those four letters are a character from a popular mobile video game... have you tried searching for them?

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams will meet staff on the benches overlooking the waterfront at the Pike Place MarketFront expansion:

This map shows where we recommend GC to set up shop.
(In the small white rectangle just above the '3' marker.)


They will receive seven numbered folders, each containing a stack of dossiers.

Surrounding the entire area are a number of panels containing medallions of names. You can see them well in this picture:

At one point in the puzzle, teams will be asked to find panel 7. It's in the location indicated by the orange arrow on the map above.

Machine generated alternative text: Ben /-


  1. Look at the agent profiles in each folder. Each one refers to a panel and lists a first name, as well as a crossword-style clue.

  2. On the listed panel, teams should fine a charm with the given first name, and a last name that is an anagram of an answer to that crossword clue, plus an extra letter.

  3. Taking the extra letter out of each of the last names yields a word for each of the folders. These words, put in order of the numbering on the folders, yields "DECODE FILES WITH PANEL SEVEN PANGRAM SKIPQ"

  4. This tells teams to go to Panel 7 and look for a Pangram without a Q. A pangram contains each letter once, but in this case, you're skipping the letter Q. There is one charm with an appropriate name, which is "JYNXFRUG BOSCHWITZ VELDKAMP".

  5. Using this as a substitution cipher key, they can now decrypt the labels on each of the folders, which in order, yields the message "FIRST FOUR LETTERS OFNAME AREFOUND INTHIS GAME"

  6. This tells teams to go back to the pangram name and pull out the first four letters, which are JYNX.

  7. The game that has this as a character name is Pokemon, or Pokemon Go.


"I'm awful at finding things. What the heck does 'panel number' mean?"

Refer teams to the map of charms at , which has all the panel numbers labeled. The panel numbers are on a medallion hung in the top right corner of each panel.

Machine generated alternative text: PANELS 3-4 PANELS 5-13 , BILLIE the PIGGYBANK 100 PANELS 14-68 PANELS 1-2 Pike Place MarketFront 1901 Western Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 MARKET CMA QMS HOOFPQINTS PANELS 69-88

"I've solved all the crossword clues, but don't really know what to do next."

Have you found the medallions?

Did you collect the first names of the people?

Did you notice anything special about the first names and the crossword clues?

Did you notice that the first names contain an anagram of the crossword clued word, plus an extra letter?

Did you collect the leftover letter from each name?

"What the heck is a pangram?"

Have you learned how to use a search engine?

It's a word or sentence that uses every letter exactly once.

"I can't find a pangram on Panel 7."

Start by looking for a medallion labeled Katie H & Ben A, then look at the adjacent medallions.
It's in the bottom left quadrant:

"There's this JYNXFRUG BOSCHWITZ VELDKAMP medallion, but it's missing Q."

Yup. There was a 25 character limit for the medallions.

"Decode? How?"

Use the pangram as an encryption key for a simple substitution cipher.

"If the pangram is missing Q, how do I use it as an encryption key?"

Did you notice the SKIPQ in the message you decoded?

Pretend the alphabet doesn't include the letter Q when attempting to decrypt.

"We found JYNX, but don't know how it's found in a game?"

Did you try googling it?

Make sure you're using the correct spelling with a Y.


GREEN data is data that is provided with the puzzle.

YELLOW data must be collected from the medallions on site. It's ok to confirm this data, or to provide a missing name or two if teams can't find it.

RED data is solved by the team.

FolderFirst NamePanelCrossword Clue (Interests)Last Name (Alias)Extracted WordMessage Letter
1KEVIN40A Shiba Inu, to a meme enthusiastDODGEDOGED
1ROCKY51The proper way to address a judge, with "your"ROCHONHONORC
1DONALD73A brand of energy drinkMONTROSEMONSTERO
1KASSANDRA49What you get from solving a puzzleANDREWSANSWERD
1TOM83Recover cargo from a wrecked shipLESAVAGESALVAGEE
2ALEX31Decade of Backstreet Boys and NirvanaFEINSTEINNINETIESF
2KATIE11One part out of one hundredPRENTICEPERCENTI
2ALYSON68Product that comes in "Bittersweet," "Cornflower," and "Fuzzy Wuzzy," among othersCARLYONCRAYONL
2LESLIE59The venue for the annual Sasquatch FestivalGEORGEGORGEE
2ANDREA56Mariners sports network, or a part of a plantSTOROROOTS
3YASMEEN29Popular brand of plastic wrap produced by SC JohnsonANSARISARANI
3MAISHA49Playful back and forth exchange of remarksBARNETTBANTERT
3DOUG75Licorice-flavored cooking spiceHAINESANISEH
4MILA77Ermine favored for its furMAKINMINKA
4KATHY36Inspector Gadget's niecePENNEYPENNYE
5KATHRYN23Espionage and counter-terrorism agency in the Marvel UniverseSHIELDSSHIELDS
5CHRIS491989 Denzel Washington movieGORLEYGLORYE
5CHRISTI22India Pale _____VEALALEV
5MICHAEL34Hasbro's game of strategic conquestKREISRISKE
5LAURA22Type of renewable energyLARSONSOLARN
6ANDREW25Communist symbol paired with a hammerPICKLESSICKLEP
6CORRY17Event where the honoree is subjected to good-natured ridiculeNASTROROASTN
6LYNN46Basil, Bay Leaf, Oregano, or Dill, for exampleBEHARHERBA
7CARL78Larry Ellison's Java purveyorLOACKERORACLEK
7CONNIE46Common GUID team conveyanceNIVAVANI
7KATIE66Light-sensing part of the eyePAINTERRETINAP
7MURIEL IRA & APRIL1Randy Johnson's nickname, with "Big"QUINTUNITQ

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Jennie '23138 HENLEY SEABOURNE Logan C Live.Love Explore SPENCER SEABOURNE Live,Lk-'Q Dance en SLOANE FREELAND 331-13 ToriDesi Kerrigan Mia Brody Gareth 01/10/74 R atrinü 011

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