Operation manual


  1. Plug in Raspberry Pi to a USB charger. Keep it relatively near the podiums (same room is fine).

  2. Wait for it to come online. A "Jeopardy" SSID will appear.

  3. Boot up the laptop and project

  4. Ensure the laptop connected to "Jeopardy" SSID. Password is "suckittrebek"

  5. Plug in the USB battery packs to the podiums. (Check them between teams. If they die, use a wall charger and the long cables in the puzzle bag.)


Load Chrome on Ben's laptop.

(or) (page that you press space to redirect to the real one) (direct link to Jeopardy)



Click a clue to select.

Clue screen

Buzzers are locked out by default. Click or press any letter to enable buzzers.

Buzzers enabled

Caps Lock or Shift: clear buzz-in and re-enable the buzzers

Letters or click: Accept correct answer and return to clue screen

Space: play timeout sound and return to clue screen