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Teams are presented with a wiretapping device (speaker with some wires) and taken to the junction box for the phone lines of the building.


Upon opening the box teams should notice 17 exposed wires. There is 1 wire labeled ground, and each other wire is labeled with a unit number and a name (first initial and last name).

Taking the first initial of each name from left to right yields:


Similarly, the unit corresponds to a letter (1-26). Taking these letters from left to right yields:


On connecting the ground wire of the speaker and the live wire to the exposed bit of any of the other wires, teams will hear a phone conversation. Hidden in each conversation is a letter of the NATO alphabet.

By listening to all 16 conversations teams should get the letters (from left to right):


And ordering these letters alphabetically by the names on their corresponding wire yields:


Which of course is the TARDIS.


ATOZ -> A TO Z as opposed to AT OZ

Some teams want to order the units from A->Z if they noticed the initials first. This yields gibberish.


112O MartinAlpha"You won’t believe this house I just looked at! The additional facilities include a home theater and a basketball court!"



29R OwensEcho"Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about how you can vote for the most ecologically green candidates in this upcoming election?"



319D ClarkTango"How fast do you think my new Mustang goes?"



420E DavisOscar"See the trick for a good salsa is to make sure the habaneros caramelize just right."



55R NelsonCharlie"Every backyard barbeque-er knows a good char leads to the best flavor"



614B CarterCharlie

"Do you know which cookies are winning the recipe contest?"

"Well I think the butterscotch are leading right now, but Betty just submitted her recipe for chocolate chip."



714Y TurnerIndia"Thank you for calling doctors on call! Nobody is on call right now. To leave a message for someone in diagnostics, please press 1."



81N JonesSierra"This is the Greenwich United Land Sea Air and Space Command post, Greenwich Falls, Delaware. Please state your request"



920A Brown SrOscar"You've reached Oscar's voicemail, Sorry I missed your call, please leave a message or try calling again later"



1015M HarrisSierra

"Let's read your grade report:

A minus - intro to Computers

B plus - Advanced Biology

C - Irrigation Sciences"



1112E GarciaRomeo"Out of the gods we learned ab out in ancient Greece and Rome, Aeolus is probably my favorite."



125S RobinsonSierra

"Hi I'm calling for Sierra"

"I think you have the wrong number"

"Are you sure? This is the number she gave me"



1320A Brown JrDelta"Thank you for calling Citadel Security Solutions. Please remain on the line. Remember Citadel takes your call very seriously and we appreciate your business."



1420T SmithHotel

"Will you be at the company meeting next week?"

"I’m going camping at Lake Tahoe, tell the boss I’m sick"



155O LewisPapa

"Thanks for calling Papa Jacks Pizza"

"Can I order a cheese pizza?"

"Sure it'll be ready soon"



1618Z WrightPapa"This is tech support calling because we see your computer has been infected with malicious pop-ups. All we need is your password and we can fix your computer free of charge"



<-These two are swapped in some instances, but they're both Charlie, so I didn't bother fixing it

<- Similarly these also might be swapped