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Partial Answers

ROT THESE: Keep going

FAKE SHOP: What would a spy want with a fake shop?

FRONT: Keep going. We need to get his plans!

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


A briefcase with a sliding puzzle on top of it. It is handed to the team under the premise that it contains Dr. Null's secret plans, but it's just a fake.


First, the teams must solve the sliding puzzle. See below for steps. The car marked with the RED X has a belt attached to it, locking the case closed until it is removed.

(Note for RTM: The final version of the puzzle has some of the numbers/letters different for the intermediate steps, so you can't use those as a reference for the teams. Stick to "the fourth column" or whatever.)

با تت

Machine generated alternative text: 7 11

لا» عها

Final State:

The exposed letters in left to right, top to bottom order spell out: ROT THESE

To find the ROT distance, match the exposed letters to their colour matching letters as below:

NOTE FOR RTM: The colours have changed, but the pairs and solution are the same

Machine generated alternative text: 117



R + 14 = F

O + 12 = A

T + 17 = K

T + 11 = E

H + 11 = S

E + 3 = H

S + 22 = O

E + 11 = P

Spelling out, in the same order as above:


The padlock on the briefcase has a 5 letter combo. The combo is another word for a FAKE SHOP:


Inside the briefcase, there is a folder containing Dr. Null's "Secret Plans". It's just a piece of paper with the word:

GOTCHA (solution)


If they finish solving the sliding puzzle, but don't have any further data, asking them to read the data they have often clues them to read in left to right, top to bottom order, finding that the text spells ROT THESE.

If they have ROT THESE, but don't know how, ask how they can match letters to numbers.

If they can't figure out a 5 letter word for FAKE SHOP, tell them to submit the current answer to Spiderdoge, this will give them the hint "Fake shop? What would a spy use a fake shop for?"