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GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams are given 3 radio devices, with the only meaningful part of them being a 24 LED ring. Teams are also given a map of an area to walk around to pick up transmissions. When in a relevant location, the LED ring will light up.


Each location will have a unique pattern for each device. The signals should be interpreted as follows:

CW loops are 10s. So 1 CW spin is 10, 2 are 20. There may be none.

CCW loops are 1s.

So the LED may spin once CW and three times CCW. This indicates '13' which is an alphanumeric (i.e, 'M'). Each color is part of a set of 4 (e.g., earth, wind, fire, air), and each device will pick up one of these. Each set should be sorted by ROYGBV order, and the number of LEDs illuminated are an index into the missing item from the set (e.g., teams find wind, air, and fire, so earth is missing. Two LEDs are on, so 'A' is extracted).

The data sets are as follows:

Red: 1 LED: North, West, East (South is missing)

Orange: 2 LEDs: Clubs, Spades, Hearts (Diamonds is missing)

Yellow: 1 LED: John, Ringo, Paul (George is missing)

Green: 3 LEDs: Summer, Spring, Fall (Winter is missing)

Blue: 2 LEDs: Earth, Wind, Fire (Water is missing)

Purple: 3 LEDs: Plasma, Gas, Liquid (Solid is missing)

Using rainbow sort order and the LEDs as indexes in the missing words extracts "SIGNAL"

The actual WiFi stations won't be known until the day of the event since Shane has to go scout what's there. However, if teams call missing data, these are the combinations:

1: East [Red, 1], Clubs [Orange, 2], Plasma [Purple, 3] (Puget Sound Naval Museum)

2: Fall [Green, 3], Hearts [Orange, 2], North [Red, 1] (Hot Java Café)

3: Spades [Orange, 2], Ringo [Yellow, 1], Gas [Purple, 3] (Bremerton Bar and Grill)

4: Liquid [Purple, 3], Wind [Blue 2], Paul [Yellow, 1] (Turner Joy Guest, they should be able to pick it up just outside the building by the entrance)

5: Summer [Green, 3], West [Red, 1], Earth [Blue, 2] (Manette Yacht Club building on the marina boardwalk, basically at the base of the steps just under where the Hub is being run)

6: John [Yellow, 1], Fire [Blue, 2], Spring [Green, 3] (store next to the Fairfield Inn called "Vintage". The hotel entrance should be about right, it's next door westwards)


Ask if they've noticed the LED colors

Ask if they've noticed the number of LEDs on

Ask if they noticed spinning in both directions and noted them

Figure out if they notice the pause between spins