Calavera Gallery

AKA: Coat Check





Partial Answers

387/threeeightseven/three eight seven/three-eight-seven: What do you want ME to do with this?

LINE UP LINES: Keep going!


GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Room will be an open gallery as below:

Machine generated alternative text: SINCLAIR GALLEIU

  1. Painting set 1

  2. Painting set 2

  3. Painting set 3

  4. Large painting set

Each painting set has 5 separate square paintings grouped together

Machine generated alternative text: Painting set 1 Order: Painting set 2 Order: Painting set 3 Order:

Large Painting:

Coat Check Ticket: <will get updated version>

Final Answer Handout: <will get updated version>


  1. When team is ready for puzzle, hub router gives a blank coat check ticket to the team saying "You dropped this." If teams reply that they didn't, volunteer should be adamant that they take it. Team now has a blank coat check ticket.

  2. When teams enter the gallery there will be three sets of five paintings and one larger painting (see above for layout). Teams should start with the larger painting as it clues how to solve the smaller set. They can technically solve the puzzle without solving the large painting, but if a team has not solved the large painting and is having trouble, send them there.

  3. Flow: Solve large painting (LINEUP LINES) -> rotate small paintings in each set -> look at thin lines only (BLUE BECOMES MORSE) -> in the rotated orientation, read the blue squares (dots) and rectangles (dashes) as morse code (THREE EIGHT SEVEN) -> hand ticket with 387 written onto it to the hub router -> retrieve the answer ABSTRACT given by the hub router

Large Painting

  1. The large painting is encoded with color mixed braille. There are 4 sections of 3 x 2 columns to be read in braille based on the mixing of Red, Blue, and Yellow (Black is all colors, White is no colors).

  2. Red Breakdown: Red will spell out LINE

لالال لاللا


  1. Yellow Breakdown: Yellow will spell UP [space] L



  1. Blue Breakdown: Blue will spell INES

ل لالها لا

  1. Read colors in this order: Red -> Yellow -> Blue (ROYGBIV) to get LINEUP LINES

Small Painting Sets

  1. After solving the large painting you have the clue "LINEUP LINES." This directs teams to the smaller paintings. If you look closely, all paintings can be rotated to match up and create one continuous painting per set.

  2. After rotating, teams should look closely at the lines in the paintings (hinted at again by the large painting answer). There are letters hidden in the small lines within the paintings once they are rotated correctly

Machine generated alternative text: 3. set 1: Reads BLUE 4. set2: Reads BECOMES 5. set3: Reads MORSE

  1. All together read in order on the wall "BLUE BECOMES MORSE" which points teams to look at only the blue squares in the small sets.

  2. The blue squares reveal morse, which should be read in the orientation of the aligned paintings. Blue squares are dots and wide blue rectangles are dashes. Each set spells a word, each painting spells one letter.

  3. Set 1: -/…./.-././. -> THREE

  4. Set 2:./../--./…./- -> EIGHT

  5. Set 3: …/./…-/./-. -> SEVEN

  6. Teams now have 3 numbers, write numbers on coat check ticked based on painting order on wall.

  7. Give coat check ticket to coat check people, receive the answer in return: ABSTRACT


-Color Mixing Braille: Think of mixing paints together. Could they have painted this large painting with just 3 colors, how would they have done it? Black is all colors because you mix them all together. White is no colors because you didn't place paint there

-All reading should be done in the rotated orientation otherwise the morse and letters will be inaccurate

-The lines can also contain blue rectangles (and do)