Shaken, Not Stirred


Emma Roudabush



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The answer: Keep Going…

The answer to this puzzle: Keep Going…

The answer to this puzzle is goldfinger: Just the last bit.

The answer is goldfinger: Just the last bit.

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Teams will see a bar with bartending stations as well as a series of tables placed some distance away. The shared bartending stations and tables should have black tablecloths over them to be thematically appropriate. The Waiter for the team will start off the team by seating them at a table.

Each bartending station should have the following:

  • 6 labeled alcohol pour bottles (each a separate color with colored water inside) and should be the following alcohol types

    • Triple Sec

    • Vodka

    • Bourbon

    • Tequila

    • Gin

    • Rum

  • A shared bucket filled with ice

  • 1 Jigger (one side 1 oz, 1 side 0.5 oz)

  • Plastic Highball Glasses, Champagne Flutes, and Martini Glasses

  • Cups with limes wedges, lemon wedges, and orange peels

  • Plastic cups for working before placing into final glass

  • A plastic drink shaker with strainer top

  • A cup of wooden stirrers

  • A blindfold (for back bartender) and apron (for front bartender)

  • Inflatable cooler for bartender to mix drinks in and not be afraid of spilling

  • 1 Tarp placed below feet of intern bartenders (for more spill protection)

  • A tip jar



When teams arrive, the Waiter will seat teams down at their table (in sightline to their bartending station). After making sure the coast is clear and they aren't being followed (and after Nasty Weather interaction) they say the following:

"We have an informant here in the restaurant and, in order to identify him and get the information we need, we need two of you to go undercover as a bartender and makes drinks. The two of you will be touching during this operation.** We need to keep a low profile though, if we are suspected we may lose our chance with the informant….or something worse.

To help you make drinks, we have obtained a recipe book which details how to make some of the drinks served. I'll let you know what drink is being ordered so you can help inform your friends how to make it."

The Waiter then picks two bartenders and takes them over to the bartending station, setting them into position (see description of position to the right). The waiter then places four recipe books on the table for the dining portion of the team (the bartender cannot see the recipe books).

The puzzle then has three or so phases (the team needs to make three drinks***):

  • The Maitre'd gives the bartender the drink order ("receipt"); the bartender will tell the drink to the table team (hopefully--may need nudging from Waiter to do so)

  • The table team deciphers and communicates using Charades what they think the drink recipe is

  • Bartender duo makes the drink (or attempts to)

  • The waiter judges the drink and gives feedback

  • If the drink is correct, the waiter gives them the correct tip ("from the front") . If they aren't done, they switch bartenders for the next drink.

The Recipe Book and Drink Orders:

The recipe book contains 10 drink titles and recipes, none of which are the drinks ordered. However, from the drink titles, they can figure out common words, phrases, and attributes which dictate how the drink is made:

Champagne Flute"Sour"Bourbon"Light"
Martini"Sunrise"Triple Sec"Salty"
StirredNo alliterationNoNo Name in DrinkYes"on the"
ShakenContains an alliterationStrainNameNo"with the"
Lime Wedge"Moon"
Lemon Wedge"Ocean"
Orange Peel"Beach"
No garnishNone of these words

For example: Sal’s Spiced Sour on the Salty Beach

  • "Spiced" and "Salty" - Rum and Triple Sec

  • Contains an alliteration: shake

  • Contains a name: strain

  • "Beach": Garnish with orange peel

  • "on the": With ice

  • "Sour": Champagne flute

See data below for the drink recipes teams will be given as well as the test drinks.


Teams may also struggle with decoding certain aspects of the drink name. For example: whether to shake or stir (whether the drink name contains an alliteration or not), and whether to strain if shaken (whether the drink name contains a person's name or not). To help hint, teams should compare the names of two similar drinks or try to have their bartender make a drink to receive feedback and try to determine a recipe from there.

Waiters can give subtle hints as to what was wrong with a particular drink:

  • If a bartender doesn't make the drink correctly (i.e. put in a Shaker as opposed to stirring or strains it when should have poured): "I don't think you made this correctly."

  • If a bartender doesn't put it in the right glass, doesn't have the glass with ice or not, or doesn't have correct garnish: "This doesn't look right."

  • If a bartender puts in an alcohol that isn't in the drink recipe or forgets one: "I don't think you know what's in this drink."


**- A waiter should warn explicitly that the potential bartenders will be touching each other (in order to make sure that interns that don't like touching don't have to touch each other)

Bartender Position:

Person in front: Has on apron; No blindfold; Cannot use arms (hands on hips)

***-Teams may only have to make two drinks based on logistics and team morale. This decision is made by the Waiter actor

Person in back: No apron; blindfold on (cannot see); Arms through holes made by front person's arms

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