Welcome to The Global Unified Intelligence Division

Hello desk agents. Bored with your work? Tired of sitting in a chair? We have an alternate job for you in the exciting world of espionage: become a field agent! Field agency is a great way to stretch your legs and get your hands dirty (and we don't mean with printer ink).

GUID (code named Scorpio) was the 17th incarnation of the Microsoft Intern Game and took place on July 22-23 2017 when we hosted a field training weekend where our new field agents far exceeded our expectations, travelling all the way out to Bremerton and back. Thanks everyone! We are investigating the copy editor who told you "it'll be a blast!" to see what, if any, connections to Dr. Null they have.

We provided a number of intercepts from our historical archives (http://aka.ms/guid) for previous agents to solve from the comfort of their desks. These were used to teach them skills that we think are useful for field agents at the Global Unified Intelligence Division. You should still be able to look through them now (with Microsoft credentials).