Identity Crisis




Different for every team, sorry Shane.

  • Bob's Neighbors: INMATE

  • Byte Me: STAND-IN

  • Dave's Killer Bread: PIRATE

  • Francisco and the Asians: NUANCE

  • Hawaiian Log Splitters: AMNESIA

  • Honeybadgers: COPOUTS

  • Intern Tailor Soldier Spy: HAS-BEEN

  • Just Some Humdrum Glum Burms: AIRMAN

  • Last Minute: ALSO-RAN

  • Null: CONMEN

  • Ohana: WANNABE

  • Queeries and Solutions: PIRATED

  • Secret Puzzle Man: WANNABE

  • Spectres: STAND-IN

  • Spy Kids: ALIASED

  • Spy Kids 6: YES MAN

  • T-alkie's Team: AIRMEN

  • Team Irch: ALSO-RAN

  • The Division: BATMAN

  • The Floor Is Calling For Help: ENIGMA

  • Thrill Gates: ALSO-RAN

  • Tim, Tim!! Tim? Tim: RENAME

  • Watermelon Warriors: ENIGMA

  • {54686520-496e-7465-726e-2047616d6521}: YES MAN

  • 🔥: ALSO-RAN

Partial Answers

REAL IDS, REAL ID: Keep going

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams get identity cards with their pictures on them, as well as a lot of other data.

[TODO: a picture of a sample card]


The place to start is the ID#, which can be broken up into pairs of digits from 01-26. Mapping these to letters forms one of (six or) seven different messages:








Each of these messages indicates a number in one of the other fields on the card. (Hair and Eye color use resistor colors) That's an index into the fake names on the card. The ordering is the "Type" letter, A-G (or A-F).

Doing so will yield the message REAL IDS or REAL ID. That suggests that the teams should repeat the process using the real name of the pictured intern instead of the fake name on the card, using the same ordering and index. Doing so yields the answer, a thematically appropriate six or seven-letter word.


Some teams want to use red = 1, etc. indexing instead of resistor colors for the colors. Hopefully the blacks, browns, greys, and whites in the data will dissuade them.

INCHESINHT and HTINFEET both refer to the individual component of the height. (The inches part of 4'11" is 11, not 59) That should be obvious given the scale of the other numbers.