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Partial Answers

CocktailNamedInHighStakesBondBook - Keep Going

CocktailNamedInHighSteaksBondBook - Keep Going

PostfixNotation - Keep Going

Martini - More specifically?

GC Notes:

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Teams are given a booklet in the flavor of the children's I Spy books.


Each I Spy scene has a number of items circled and labeled with numbers. The items circled indicate either a word or a plus or minus operator.

Taking the words phonetically and operating on them by the operands in reverse polish notation yields:

  1. Cock Tail + => Cock + Tail => Cocktail
  2. Name Dart Art - + => Name + (Dart - Art) => Named
  3. Injury Jury - => Injury - Jury => In
  4. High School School - => High School - School => High
  5. Steak Ski Key - + => Steak + (Ski - Key) => Stakes
  6. Bee Diamond Dime - + => Bee + (Diamond - Dime) => Bond
  7. B O O K +++ => B+O+O+K => Book

Ordering by the page order in the book gives the phrase "Cocktail Named in High Stakes Bond Book"

And this is in fact the Vesper Martini created by Ian Fleming in the 1953 Bond novel Casino Royale.

The cover hints at using Reverse Polish Notation. The guid at the bottom decodes into the ASCII phrase "POSTFIX NOTATION".